2050 LAB and NUST MISIS presented their master's program in industrial design at Design Day 2050


National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.LAB and NUST; MISIS; at the II International Conference Design Day 2050, a joint, unique for Russia, master's program Industrial Design and Engineering was presented. The event is the largest event in the field of industrial design in Russia. Its main theme is & ndash; Design Education: From Tradition to Innovation. You can watch the recording of the conference on YouTube. & Nbsp;

The master's program was presented by Daria Topilskaya, General Director of 2050 LAB, and First Vice-Rector of NUST MISIS. Sergey Salikhov. The Exclusive Master's Program is designed to answer the business's demand for industrial design. Industrial enterprises have an understanding that industrial design & ndash; that very point of birth of innovations: not just a conductor of changes, but their creator, who stimulates the development of society, industry and the economy as a whole '', & ndash; emphasized Daria Topilskaya. & nbsp;

Master's program & ndash; the first and only educational project in Russia for training professionals of this level who are proficient in scientific, creative and technological methods of project activities in the industrial design and engineering industry.

Design Day 2021 - Design Lab 2050

The program opens on the basis of the Institute of Information Technology and Computer Science (ITKN) from September 1, the admissions campaign is in full swing. “ The development of industrial design and engineering, combined with the breakthrough technologies that undergraduates master at ITCN, will increase the competitiveness of domestic enterprises and accelerate the formation of the digital era. Today design has become a strategic tool for innovative breakthroughs in all areas of life. Graduates of the program will be able to work in any branch of the economy, receive a demanded and, importantly, a well-paid profession '', & ndash; said Sergei Salikhov. From the first day of study, undergraduates will be integrated into the design community. Leading teachers of the country will pass on to students deep theoretical knowledge that undergraduates can apply in practice, solving real business problems. & Nbsp;

The importance of this approach was confirmed by the speakers of the round table “ How to Teach Design? Trends, Challenges, Business Inquiry. '' Among them is the President of the Union of Designers Vitaly Stavitsky, curator of the Industrial Design program. BHShD Vladimir Shipilov, founder of the Man & amp; Technologies design studio Mikhail Krapivnoy, head of the MTS design center Alexei Chupin and chief designer of TMH Evgeny Maslov. During the discussion, the participants came to the conclusion that education & ndash; a solid foundation that allows you to better understand workflows in practice. Mentors and educators play a key role here, and can share personal experiences. In addition, relevant subjects should be introduced into curricula to help students navigate current trends and technologies. & Nbsp;

Design Day 2021 - Design Lab 2050

Industrial design trends were also the topic of the conference. General Director of 2050.AT Maxim Kanishchev & ndash; one of the teachers of the master's program, spoke about carbon-efficient design & ndash; a new and promising direction related to the preservation of the environment. Specialists who have the skills of carbon-efficient design will be in demand all over the world for many years, as enterprises will need to change production. & Nbsp;

CATIA Dassault Systemes Industrial Design Director Thomas Balle spoke about new approaches to creativity, the transition from product design to experience creation.

Masters of automotive design spoke about their work experience and industry traditions. During the public talk, Igor Zaitsev, who managed to make Moskvich-2140 luxury, and the director of the Museum of Transport of Moscow Oksana Bondarenko made an excursion into history, discussed the curious and instructive moments of the creation of the most popular Soviet car. & laquo; Design & ndash; not drawing pictures. This is the worst delusion. Picture & ndash; only a visual representation of the idea. It should be based on knowledge, experience, understanding of materials, '' said Igor Zaitsev, answering the question of what qualities a designer needs. & nbsp;

Steve Mattin, who, after 18 years of work at Mercedes and 4 years at Volvo, moved to Russia and created the corporate LADA X-style, spoke about his career, ideas and meanings that he put into the DNA brand stamps. & nbsp;

Within the framework of the conference, the Design Challenge was held for innovative design-designing. In the morning, the participants were told the task: to work out a draft version of the form of the concept car, and a few hours later the young generation of designers was already defending the projects in front of an authoritative jury. It included Maxim Chashchin, director of the 2050 LAB design studio, Konstantin Taranov, senior designer, Ivan Ruzaev, designer, and lecturer in the Industrial Design and Engineering master's program. Vladimir Ryabov, Dassault Systemes Senior Technical Specialist Semyon Lyakh, and Dassault Systemes Academic Community Leader Marina Lvova. Elena Titova became the winner of the Design Challenge and the winner of the Apple iPad Pro 11. & nbsp;

Design Day 2021 - Design Lab 2050

Design Day 2050 & ndash; the largest event in the field of industrial design in Russia. The international conference is part of the pool of World Design Organization events associated with the annual celebration of the International Day of Industrial Design.

Design Day 2050 partners: NUST MISIS, Dassault Systemes, WDO, Moscow Transport Museum, Moscow SEZ ;, 2050AT, Union of Designers of Russia. Special partner: Elle Decoration.

Design Day 2050 media partners: Architime.ru, First digital, DesignNews.ru, Design-Mate, Archi.ru, TATLIN, Say-hi, PRO BUSINESS, RUSBASE and Estetmag.

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