2050. LAB developed the design of the newest shunting locomotive TEM23


National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.LAB has developed the design of the newest shunting locomotive TEM23. The presentation of the car took place on August 26, 2021, at the railway forum “ PRO //Dvizhenie. Expo & raquo ;.

The project was implemented by order of TMH & ndash; Russia's largest developer and manufacturer of rolling stock for railway and urban rail transport. & nbsp;

General Director 2050. LAB Daria Topilskaya noted: “ TEM23 & ndash; the first locomotive to use the TMX brand DNA principles in its exterior design. Today's presentation & ndash; a significant event both for our design studio and for the industry as a whole. It is especially important that we see not prototypes or prototypes, but industrialized structures with a high degree of readiness for mass production. ''

Senior Designer 2050. LAB Igor Shitikov spoke about the key design features of TEM23: “ A new universal cabin is installed on the locomotive. The design supports a new approach to the design of shunting locomotives used by the holding's engineers. The modular design of the machine will significantly reduce maintenance downtime. Also, the hood opening scheme, which is not traditional for locomotive building, is used here. The side panels move upward to provide access to the various systems of the locomotive. Side skirts on the lower part protect against unauthorized access to the elements of the undercarriage and the fuel tank. ''

design of the newest shunting locomotive TEM23

design of the newest shunting locomotive TEM23

TEM23 & ndash; the newest four-axle, two-diesel shunting diesel locomotive of modular design, designed to perform shunting and shunting operations on 1520 mm track gauge railways. It is equipped with two diesel engines with a power of 309 or 368 kW each, depending on the version of the locomotive. The production of diesel locomotives is supposed to be mastered at the Bryansk Machine-Building Plant.

The locomotive consists of two biaxial bogies, a main frame module including electrical and pneumatic assemblies, a pneumatic equipment module, two power plant modules, a refrigerating chamber module, an electrical equipment module, a tower-type driver's cab module, and an auxiliary equipment module. Each of the functional modules has a complete design and are connected via connectors to the main frame module. It is possible to quickly replace a functional module, without leaving the locomotive in a long idle time.

Technical solutions allow equipping the locomotive with a remote control system and the “ Motorist '' system. with the ability to control a locomotive without the participation of the driver.

Due to the use of maintenance-free equipment and an asynchronous drive on the TEM23 diesel locomotive, the number of service calls has been reduced by 2.4 times, the volume of each type of service has been reduced by 2 times. & Nbsp;

 design of the newest shunting locomotive TEM23

as diesel generator set, traction system, cooling system. Improved working conditions for locomotive crews.

The diesel locomotive implements control of the operating modes of two power plants with asynchronous power take-off and uniform distribution of diesel engine operating time. Due to the use of modern diesel engines at TEM23, environmental friendliness is increased, the noise level is 2 times reduced and fuel and oil savings are provided up to 30% compared to serial diesel locomotives. & Nbsp;

The locomotive can operate both on one power plant, and on two, depending on the required power. The design uses engines manufactured by PJSC “ KAMAZ '' two types. In-line six-cylinder (P6) with a capacity of 368 kW each and a V-shaped eight-cylinder (V8) with a capacity of 309 kW each. The power of the locomotive, depending on the type of diesel engine, is 2×309 kW or 2×368 kW. & Nbsp;

The tangential traction force for the TEM23 diesel locomotive when starting off is at least 300 kN, and the continuous mode is at least 235 kN. The design speed of the locomotive & ndash; 100 km/h Locomotive dimension 02-VM.

The National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050. LAB is engaged in the implementation of projects designed to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of domestically produced products in the Russian and international markets, as well as in development work for enterprises of the transport and machine-building complex of the Russian Federation. The company is a member of the World Design Organization (WDO).

2050.LAB & ndash; received the prestigious Red Dot Award in the Design Concept category for the AIRSCP urban electric train concept.

Designers, engineers, constructors and technologists 2050. LAB with experience in leading industrial design -bureau of Russia and Europe, are engaged in the integration of world trends in industrial design into the Russian industry.

2050. LAB forms a global brand ecosystem: from industrial design of objects to the design of business culture, environment, thinking.

< p> Strategic partners of the company – TMH, Ctrl2GO, Autodesk, NITU MISIS.

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