2050.LAB received the most prestigious IF DESIGN AWARD


The iF DESIGN AWARD is annually held by the world's oldest independent design organization iF International Forum Design GmbH (Hannover). The competition jury included 132 independent experts. They highly appreciated the 2050.LAB project and singled it out among 11,000 applications from 57 countries.

“Our team is proud of this victory. Every designer strives to receive the iF DESIGN AWARD, because this award – sign of quality in the world of design”, – said the director of the design studio 2050.LAB Maxim Chashchin. 

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OIII is an autonomous transport system. It includes commercial freight and passenger transportation for agglomerations of the future, in which unmanned technologies are being introduced everywhere.

OIII - autonomous transport system 

The system consists of three modules:

– a multifunctional unmanned chassis module (it transports and performs role of transport for passenger transport and loader for cargo transport of the last mile);
– a passenger module-container (actually, it is a portable public transport stop);
– a container-postamat/productomat with isolated compartments for collecting waste.

An autonomous unmanned platform (chassis) solves the problem of overproduction, which negatively impacts the environment.

OIII - Autonomous Transportation System

The OIII smart system optimizes the logistics chains for the transportation of people and goods in real time, preventing “empty” transport to move on the roads. This can make a significant contribution to the development of unmanned vehicles in cities. Thus, OIII is a fundamentally new “last mile” transportation system. 

OIII Autonomous Transport System

OIII Autonomous Transport System

National Center industrial design and innovation 2050.LAB implements projects designed to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of domestic production in the Russian and international markets, as well as development work for enterprises of the transport and engineering complex of the Russian Federation. The company is a member of the World Design Organization (WDO).

2050.LAB – winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award in the Design Concept category for the AIRSCP urban electric train concept.

Designers, engineers, constructors and technologists 2050.LAB with experience in leading industrial design – bureaus of Russia and Europe, are engaged in the integration of world industrial design trends into the Russian industry.

2050.LAB forms a global brand ecosystem: from industrial design of objects to design of business culture, environment, thinking.

< p>iF DESIGN AWARD has been awarded since 1954 and is the most prestigious professional design award in the world. 

It is awarded for achievements in the field of design in all disciplines: product design, packaging, communications and services, architecture and interior design, as well as professional concepts, user interface (UX) and user interface (UI). 

All award-winning work is featured at www.ifdesign.com.

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