3 new series of Candy gas hobs


In May 2021, sales of new models of tempered glass gas hobs in three series: Smart, Timeless and Essenza started.

Smart (models CVG6B, CVG6WW) – the basic series, which includes models on glass in black and white with ergonomic silver handles. Designed to match the Smart and Pop Evo series ovens.

Timeless (models CVG6BR4WPB, CVG6DPB) – a series of gas hobs with a laconic design, made in the same style as the line of ovens of the same name cabinets.

Essenza (models CVG6BF4WEB, CVG6DEB) – the flagship series of Candy built-in appliances. A distinctive feature of the design of the hobs is the front edge on the glass surface and the elegant frame of the handles, made in black.

3 new Candy gas hob series

CVG6DEB Essenza series hob

Thanks to the use of the new UniGOG technological platform, more configurations have become available to customers: a standard layout of “square” burners with a total power of 7.2 kW; with a two-row (front or rear) burner in a standard “square” layout with a total power of 9.45 kW; with diamond-shaped burners.

In the production of new gas surfaces, durable tempered glass is used, which is easy to maintain. All these models have cast iron grates, which help to distribute heat evenly, improving the quality of cooking.

The gas control system and the system of protection against accidental activation are responsible for the safety of the user during the operation of devices. The presence of the “Minimum flame” function allows you to set the minimum combustion level without extinguishing the flame. The electric ignition function allows the user to turn on the hotplate with one hand, easily and quickly.

3 new series of Candy gas hobs

CVG6WW Smart Series Hob

All new hob models are supplied configured for G20 main gas. Surfaces can be reconfigured to use LPG G30 (in cylinders). LPG nozzles are included in the scope of delivery.

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