316 best posters by graphic designers from all over the world in one catalog


The beautiful paper catalog of the 11th Asian Graphic Design Triennial Poster Exhibition held in November 2021 at the Seoul Arts Center is now available in Russia to order.

The catalog contains 316 works of the Triennial participants from 23 countries. The Graphic Design Triennial exhibition has been held for 30 years and has become a significant event for the exchange of experience with designers from all over the world.

Design associations from Germany, Denmark, Spain, Israel, the USA, the Netherlands, Hungary take part in the event , Bulgaria, Russia, Mexico, Romania, Iran, Poland, Egypt, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Macau, Vietnam, Malaysia and Tunisia.

The organizer of the Graphic Design Triennale (11 Asia Graphic Design Triennale) is Korean Contemporary Design Association KECD.

There are 316 in the catalog works of Triennial participants from 23 countries

This year, the International Public Association “Union of Designers” became the official partner of the Triennial and the Korean Association of Contemporary Design, thanks to which Russian designers got a unique opportunity to participate and demonstrate Submit your work to the Asian Graphic Design Triennial. 

The number of catalogs is limited! Only a few items are available for order.
Wishing to have time to order a catalog, write to the email: contest@moasd.ru

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