3D printed bridge opens in Amsterdam


12-meter 3D-printed steel footbridge is a joint project of architect Joris Larman and Dutch engineering company MX3D. Work on it lasted six years

The long awaited project to build the first 3D printed bridge , in Amsterdam completed. The MX3D Bridge was recently officially opened to the public. The 12-meter steel structure was designed by architect Joris Laarman and built by the now-named Dutch engineering company MX3D.

4500 kg of stainless steel were used for the production of the bridge. Printing lasted six months. And now, finally, the bridge has been solemnly erected in its place and opened to the public.

The team that created this technological marvel claims that 3D printing technology is more economical than conventional manufacturing methods and uses less material. The bridge is equipped with sensors that will collect information about its operation and functioning.

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