5 Frank Lloyd Wright Homes You Can Buy Right Now


June 8 is the birthday of the most famous American modernist architect Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 – 1959). We have collected for you five projects of the great architect that are on sale right now. Great investment of extra millions!

Frank Lloyd Wright & nbsp; – architect, designer, writer, founder of “organic architecture”. During his long life (Wright lived 92 years and 72 of them actively worked in his studio), he designed more than a thousand buildings, of which 532 were built. Among his famous works are the Guggenheim Museum in New York with a spiral facade, the Johnson Wax office without a single window and the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, which, thanks to Wright's accurate calculations, withstood the strongest earthquake in 1923. The architect insisted that the building should be in harmony with the surrounding landscape, not “protrude” from it, but become its natural continuation. Virtually every project by Wright is recognized as either a masterpiece or an architectural monument. However, some of them can be purchased if desired.


The 16-room 6,100-square-foot mansion in Chicago was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1896-1897. for businessman Isidore H. Heller and bears his name. Despite its more than a century old, the house is well preserved and has been restored. The elevator that Wright installed in 1909 has also been modernized. But many original details remain inside, including monumental brick fireplaces, wooden beams and windows. The property is currently selling for $ 2.2 million (down from the previous $ 2.4 million announced in 2016)

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Henderson House, 1901, Illinois, $ 825k

F.B. Henderson House has been on sale for almost ten years now, appearing on the real estate market and disappearing again with enviable regularity. It was built in 1901 and is an excellent example of the Prairie School & nbsp; – an architectural trend of the late 19th & nbsp; – early 20th century, prevalent mainly in the Midwest of the United States. Its area is 5500 sq. ft (about 515 sq ft). The house has five bedrooms, three brick fireplaces and an open plan that combines the living room, dining room and library into a single space. Outside, there is a large veranda and plank scaffolding around the house. In 2012, it was sold for $ 1.33 million, in 2017 & nbsp; – for $ 1.1 million, and now its price has been reduced to a record low of $ 825 thousand. I wonder if he will finally find his buyer?

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William Thaxton house, TEXAS, $ 2.9M

In Houston, one of three Lloyd Wright houses he built in Texas is currently on sale for $ 2.9 million. This is one of the so-called “Yuson” houses & nbsp; – low-budget buildings for the middle class, which the architect has been developing since the early 1930s. Economical, compact, mostly one-story, they were intended to become the future blocks of “Cities of wide horizons” & nbsp; – Lloyd Wright's urban planning concept, according to which large metropolitan areas should “de-urbanize” and spread to agricultural suburbs. The name Usonian dates back to the U.S.O.N.A. (Unites States of Northern America).

The original 1955 William Thaxton house was 1800 sq. ft (167 sq m). In 1995, it was redesigned by local studio Kirksey Architecture, which took it as a base and added a total of 6,300 sq. ft (585 sq m) of usable space including courtyard, main courtyard and enlarged living room.

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Neils House, Minneapolis, 1951, $ 2.75 MILLION

Another “Yusonian” house of Lloyd Wright is for sale in Minneapolis. Neils House stands by Lake Cedar and was built by Frank Llod Wright for Henry J. Neils and his wife Frida. The project was started in 1949 and finished in 1951.

The house has an unusual shape and is faced with stone (the customer, Henry Nils, worked in the field of finishing materials), and instead of the traditional wooden window frames, there is aluminum. It is also the only architect's project to use marble for the walls.

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Norman Lykes Home, Arizona, 1959, $ 2.6 million

Norman Lykes Home is Lloyd Wright's last project, which he developed before his death in 1959 for the spouses Norman and Aimee Lykes (Norman and Aimee Lykes). It was built in 1967. The house stands on the top of a hill in Arizona north of Phoenix, as if growing out of a rock, and is an unusual structure of cylindrical shapes. Its total area is 3095 sq. ft (287.5 sq. m). While working on it, the architect drew inspiration from the surrounding mountainous landscape. It is no coincidence that its windows offer panoramic views of the hills. In 1994, the interiors of the house were modernized, the previous layout was changed: five bedrooms, some of which were tiny as closets, were turned into three with three bathrooms. The house also has a pool where you can hide from the scorching heat.

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