7 interesting facts about Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow


On October 17, Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow celebrates its 20th anniversary. We have collected interesting facts about the history of the hotel, which appeared on the site of the Soviet hotel with the legendary Ararat cafe


The hotel, which opened in 2002, is located on Neglinnaya Street, a stone's throw from the Kremlin and the Bolshoi Theatre. Once upon a time there was a two-story mansion on this place. On the ground floor there was the legendary cafe “Ararat”, popular in Soviet times with the intelligentsia and art bohemia, and on the second floor there was a small hotel with 10 rooms. In the early 1980s, the cafe and hotel were closed, and only 20 years later a new hotel was built on this site, which retained in its name a reference to the history of this place and the cult cafe.

7 interesting facts about Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow


But not only the name of the hotel has a connection with Armenia. In fact, the facade of the building is stylized as traditional Armenian architecture. The same light stone, arches, columns, restrained, noble stature, there is even a pointed turret, reminiscent of the bell towers of Armenian churches.


During the construction of the hotel, various original design solutions were used, including panoramic elevators from the Eiffel company, which was founded over a hundred years ago by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, who built the well-known Eiffel Tower in Paris.

7 interesting facts about Ararat Park Hyatt MoscowGlass elevators are one of the hotel's attractions.


If you have ever been to Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow, you must have paid attention to the unusual undulating glass roof of the atrium. It was designed by Russian architects and made in Italy by Italian craftsmen. It looks really unusual and on a sunny day it creates a spectacular play of light and glare on the top floor.7 interesting facts about the Ararat Park Hyatt MoscowUnder the famous undulating roof of the atrium is the Conservatory Lounge & Bar.


On the tenth floor of the hotel there is one of the most famous bars of the capital Conservatory Lounge & Bar, which, by the way, is included in the list of the best places in the world according to the American AD for its picturesque panoramic views of the city. But on the first floor there is a completely different atmosphere. Here is the restaurant “Cafe Ararat”, which is an exact copy of the same historical cafe “Aratat”, after which the hotel got its name. Here is such a nice digression into history!7 interesting facts about Ararat Park Hyatt MoscowRestaurant and bar Conservatory Lounge & Bar on the 10th floor of the hotel.


In 2018, the hotel invited American designer Tony Chi to do a complete renovation of the rooms. The portfolio of Tony and his Tonychi Studio includes many major hotel projects, including work on the design of the Park Hyatt in Shanghai, Washington, as well as the Grand Hyatt in Chengdu, Berlin and Bangkok. For the Moscow project, he chose a modern style. Oak panels on the walls and noble marble give respectability and solidity to the rooms, while comfortable Italian-made furniture, high-quality textiles and Le Labo cosmetics in the bathrooms are responsible for homeliness.

7 interesting facts about the Ararat Park Hyatt MoscowThe interiors of the hotel rooms were designed by the famous designer Tony Chi.


For the most demanding guests, the author's Winter Garden Suites with private terraces that hover over the historical center of Moscow. By the way, the glass dome over the living room here is somewhat reminiscent of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London.

7 interesting facts about Ararat Park Hyatt MoscowWinter Garden Suite.

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