9 things we didn't know about Buckingham Palace


Where does the Queen of Great Britain live? What does Elizabeth II keep in the basement of the castle? And finally, what ghosts walk around the 400-year-old palace at night?

1. Buckingham Palace was originally built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. King George III purchased it in 1762, and over the next 75 years architects John Nash and Edward Blore worked on the future royal residence. The initial project was taken as a basis – the architects placed three more similar buildings around the perimeter.

2. The official opening took place in 1837, when Queen Victoria came to the throne.

3. According to some sources, for example, the Guardian newspaper, the building is in the top of the ugliest structures in the world.

4. If you were not personally invited by Queen Elizabeth II or someone from her family, then you can get to Buckingham Palace only in August and September, when the court moves to Scotland. At this time, only 19 ceremonial halls can be seen, including the Throne Hall, the Ballroom, the Art Gallery and the Dining Room. By the way, the balls of Buckingham Palace began in 1856 on the occasion of the end of the Crimean War. And for visitors, the palace opened only in 1992 after a fire in Windsor Castle, when the Queen urgently needed money for repairs.

5. How often do you wash your windows? But the 760 royal windows are being carefully looked after. They are washed every 6 weeks. Another big challenge is the legendary huge chandeliers. Fortunately, progress does not stand still, and they can be automatically omitted using a special system

6. Once upon a time on the site of the future Buckingham Palace there was a hospital for lepers at the monastery. One monk, who died under unknown circumstances, is still walking around the territory. Another full-fledged inhabitant of Buckingham Palace is the ghost of King Edward VII's secretary named John Gwynn. He shot himself because of a scandalous divorce from his wife. And until now, sometimes at night, a single shot is heard from his former office.

7. Buckingham Palace is an autonomous city within a city. 775 rooms, including 52 bedrooms, 188 staff rooms, 78 bathrooms and 19 state rooms. As well as a church, post office, cinema, swimming pool and a hospital where operations can be performed. But few people know that the palace has its own ATM. Queen Elizabeth II is a client of Coutts Bank. It must be fun to get bills with your own image.

8. Who wants to live like a queen? The palace has a shop with exact copies of items used by the royal family.

9. The world's most pampered dogs are the four pets of Elizabeth II. The Queen received the first Welsh Corgi Pembroke on her 18th birthday. Susan became the progenitor of a whole dynasty of dogs. At the moment there are only 4 dogs in the palace. Two corgis: Willow and Holly and two dorgis: Volcano and Candy. In 2015, the Queen announced that there would be no more new additions to the herd. Dogs live like a king. The entire huge palace is at their disposal. At their service – chefs who prepare a special menu for them, drivers, private planes. And Willow and Holly even starred with James Bond himself in the video for the opening of the Olympic Games.

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