A couple at once: Adjaye Associates is renovating two museums in Liverpool


British studio architects redesign International Slavery Museum and Maritime Museum

British studio Adjaye Associates will renovate the International Museum of Slavery and the Maritime Museum in Liverpool, located in the same building complex. The first project will transform the existing Martin Luther King Jr. Museum into the International Slavery Museum (ISM), adding a new entrance, space for shops, cafes, event space and temporary exhibitions. The redevelopment is part of a major project to transform the entire city waterfront as part of Liverpool's 10-year National Museums programme.

A couple at once: Adjaye Associates refurbishes two museums in LiverpoolThe Maritime Museum building at the Royal Albert Dock, Liverpool.

“This project provides an opportunity to rethink the historic structure of the building, placing it in the context of Liverpool's waterfront and links to the transatlantic slave trade. We look forward to collaborating with Liverpool's National Museums and the local community on a co-production process that places the descendants of people influenced by Liverpool's maritime history at the center of discussion and a new museum experience,” said architect David Adjaye, founder of Adjaye Associates.

Second reconstruction project – Maritime Museum in one of the old docks, dedicated to the maritime history of Liverpool. The exposition is located in a building of a former 19th century warehouse, which was used in colonial times to store tea, sugar and alcohol. The Maritime Museum will be refurbished to include shops, a cafeteria, temporary exhibition spaces.

The International Slavery Museum is currently located on the third floor of the Maritime Museum and focuses on the history of enslaved people, the transatlantic slave trade, and modern slavery. The Museum of Slavery will be expanded by an adjacent building built in 1846. There will be a central entrance to the museum and extended public areas.

A couple at once: Adjaye Associates is renovating two museums in Liverpool

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