A fairytale house with organic forms in the heart of the forest


Unusual home, hand-built by an architecture student in the 1970s as a natural retreat, can now be rented on Airbnb

In the 1970s, the hills west of Austin, Texas attracted many who, influenced by hippie philosophy, were looking for a place to start over. The beautiful nature and the relative proximity of the big city also attracted the attention of architectural student Charles Harker, who decided to make his friend Dalton Bloom's dream come true and build a home away from society. Today, an unusual architectural monument with organic forms is known as the Bloomhouse.

To create an unusual house, unusual techniques were needed: polyurethane foam was applied to the base structure of steel rods, which was then formed using a hand saw, and plaster was layered on top. The organic curved shapes of the building are inspired by the movement of wind and waves and the hypnotic dance of flame.

It took the architect eleven years to complete the project, and as a result, the house received several prestigious awards, but then fell into disrepair until it was restored in 2018.

The house is impressive not only from the outside: there is not a single right angle inside, and the forms smoothly flow into each other, creating the feeling of endless movement. White walls, cherry wood and mid-century modern furnishings combine with carefully restored handcrafted ceramic tiles and recycled natural fiber ceilings.

The renovation helped to recreate the original look of the house and can now be rented on Airbnb.

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