A lamp for the ages: an antique novelty by Seletti


The new lamp for Seletti was designed by hooligan designer Uto Balmoral.

Uto Balmoral is a rising star in Italian design. With classic images, he flirts not the first time. He already had a series of table lamps for the same Seletti – in the form of well-known antique busts (such as the head of Apollo Belvedere, painfully familiar to all graduates of art schools). Only Uto's Apollos and Aphrodites… blew gum. And generally behaved indecently.

Lamp for the Ages: Seletti Antique Novelty

Uto believes that everything should be approached with humor. And a couple of thousand years of history is not a hindrance.

Lamp for the Ages: Seletti Antique Novelty

As part of a new collaboration with Seletti, he came up with the Discobolux lamp. This is an exact miniature of the famous sculpture of the 5th century BC. Even the name of the author of “Discobolus” is known – the ancient Michelangelo Miron. We know it in the form of later Roman copies. And if the original was made of bronze, then we are more accustomed to seeing marble. The image symbolizes the standard of ancient and generally male beauty.

A lamp for the ages: antique novelty Seletti

Discobolux lamp after antique sculpture of the 5th c. BC

Lamp for the Ages: Seletti Antique Novelty

In the Seletti x Uto Balmoral version, the Disco Thrower became 30 cm, molded from epoxy resin, and the light element (the lamp works on LEDs) is built into the disc itself. The model entered the basic line of the brand.

Lamp for Ages: Seletti Antique Novelty

Discobolux lamp, Seletti x Uto Balmoral

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