A new star lit at the Sagrada Família in Barcelona


On December 8, at the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, ​​a new star was solemnly lit on the highest tower of the Virgin Mary to date

Photo # 1 - A new star lit at the Sagrada Família in Barcelona

On November 29, a new star was installed on the highest tower of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona. It is a 12-pointed metal dodecahedron with glass edges, which is illuminated at night. The structure has a diameter of 7.5 meters, weighs 5.5 tons and crowns the 138-meter tower of the Virgin Mary, the last completed to date. The star and structural calculations of the tower were developed by the Spanish architectural bureau 2BMFG arquitectes, the project cost was 1.5 million euros. On December 8, the star was solemnly lit, and now it is the highest point of the cathedral.

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Recall that the Sagrada Família is perhaps the most odious long-term construction in the world. Its first stone was laid in 1882, and all work from the very beginning was carried out with private donations. Architect Antoni Gaudi & nbsp; (Antonio Gaudí) devoted 42 years of his life to him, but managed to build only one of the facades, the facade of the Nativity, and even that was not completely finished (only one tower was erected on it). According to the architect's plan, there should be 18 towers in the cathedral: 12 of them are dedicated to the apostles, four & nbsp; – to evangelists, one & nbsp; – to Jesus and another & nbsp; – to the Virgin Mary. The highest, the Tower of Christ, will be located in the center of the ensemble and reach a height of 170 m.At the moment, nine towers have already been built, and the city plans to finish the construction of the entire temple by the centenary of the death of Gaudí – June 10, 2026. https://sagradafamilia.org

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