A vibrant pavilion in London's business district


Life without pandemic-related constraints in the work of a London artist

An unusual art object has appeared in the Canary Wharf business district of London & nbsp; – a pavilion for the rest of the British artist Morag Myerscough. It was created as part of a district cultural program, thanks to which the financial center of London has already been adorned with 75 public art works. & Nbsp; The new pavilion will operate until the end of autumn 2021.

The Canary Wharf Pavilion, like several other Morag Myerscoe projects, & nbsp; is dedicated to the COVID19 pandemic. This summer, the UK has significantly eased the restrictions associated with the epidemic, and, according to the artist's plan, the pavilion is intended to become a place where, after a long break, people can finally get together and enjoy life without restrictions.

The pavilion is a three-person tall structure with seating and two sun canopies. It is made in the bright corporate style of Morag Meyerskow. The combination of yellow, green and acidic pinks creates a stark contrast with the office buildings surrounding the pavilion.

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