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Video production is the process of creating video products (films, clips, videos). Video production is an integral part of the modern production, advertising campaign, other spheres. A successful project is a guarantee of attracting viewers and customers, raising the brand rating, depending on the goals set. What is a production and how to create exclusive projects to know the studio specialists Abalmasov VideoProduction.

The main stages of production:

Production is a wide variety of media content, the list of which includes videos, movies, programs, audio recordings, presentations. The objectives of the projects are concluded in brand recognition, attracting potential customers and future employees, while not important at what stage of development is business. A good video should attract, integrate, encourage certain actions.

The process of creating content is produced in stages, compliance with all items is a guarantee of the success of the final product. Consider the five main stages of the video project:

  1. Acquaintance with the customer, discussion of all nuances, finding out the goals, the formation of concept, timing and budget
  2. Pre-production – collection of information, writing tritment, routing, compilation of estimates, texts, selection of musical accompaniment, meeting with a client and a detailed discussion of the date of filming
  3. Production – writing a film collection plan, the organization of the process in the right rhythm, installation in real time with the ability to show part of the future project
  4. Post-production – unforeseen plans that should be taken into account at the initial stage
  5. Project delivery – the last stage, sometimes accompanied by comments and edits from the client, which is quite permissible, given the significance of the project for each side

Customer confidence provides a thorough approach to each step during the project creation period.

Studio Abalmasov VideoOproduction – high quality warranty

We have real professionals, ready to share experiences and knowledge. Work is carried out using advanced technologies, the result is pleasantly pleased with the spectacular effects, the detail, ideally selected musical accompaniment. We will embody any desires of the client, emphasizing the advantages of each roller scene.


The audio-editor are programs with which you can edit the sound in a digital representation. With them you can create high-quality sound support for video advertising, voice movies, record a music album, make a podcast, audiobook or just cut your favorite songs.

Professional programs usually have all the functions listed. In services for beginners – only partially.

The video recording is various marketing and PR manipulations using a video address that are aimed at performing certain selling goals. For example, an overview of the equipment for the production of furniture instead of a text description of it is a reception of video marketing.


Marketing moves using high-quality video delays are useful to any business everywhere. They help to cover a large audience, convey information to the most understandable and affordable language.
Pros and cons of video marketing

Like any other means to achieve goals, the video marketing has its advantages and disadvantages. The positive parties belong:

  • increased attention from the viewer;
  • loyalty and trust;
  • increase the conversion of the site;
  • increased letters in the mailing list;
  • viral dissemination of information;
  • Increase coverage in social networks.

The disadvantages include the high cost of production of video, the price of equipment for creating and difficulty in finding a team of professionals who have a similar vision.

Video production full cycle
For long-term relationships, not a single shooting.

Corporate video is a public video, the purpose of which is: to present the company, tell about corporate culture and people in general without affecting specific products or services.

The company about the company is an effective tool in the arsenal of video content. Of course, the script and the quality of the shooting of such a video is of great importance.

The roller with the right sending will help develop your business, attracting more audience. Show people that your company is successful, and employees are happy, and you will get more willing to become part of your organization.

“The purpose of the corporate video is to show the human side of your business. Spectators should penetrate the spirit of your company and be involved at the level of emotions. We find and “highlight” your best sides so that the whole picture and people shine in it. Which viewers do not want to become part of such a company? ”

What is a promotional video?

Promo video is a short video about a company or event. It often does not exceed 60 seconds. Unlike promotional video, the creation of promo-rollers carries the target to acquaint and interest the viewer.

Creating promotional rollers is one of the most interesting processes when promoting a product or service.

The main advantages of the promotional video:

  • No binding to any formats.
  • The audience does not perceive your video as an annoying commercial.
  • There is no binding on timing.
  • The laws for advertising are not subject to such a video.
  • You can broadcast anywhere.

Installation and creation of videos to order
We are a team of video creators with extensive experience.
We will be happy to create a unique video for you, which I want to watch and revise!

You can order installation video, processing and editing of videos of any subject.
Send us any video. We make professional video editing from travel; Training master classes; Installation for YouTube and Instagram Blog; Video from family holidays; graduation, last call, the first of September; Video editing of reporting rollers from events; Creating video congratulations; Commercials, corporate, documentaries and interviews.
We love to create unique content and guarantee that the results will exceed your expectations.
Send an application and allow us to make your video such that he wants to watch and revise!

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