ADCR Awards 2021 Presents Jury Presidents


Starting this year, the Organizing Committee of the competition divides the composition of the jury into two blocks: ADVERTISING and DESIGN. Both blocks include the main thematic categories of the competition. The Advertising jury will evaluate the work: FILM & amp; AUDIO, BRAND EXPERIENCE, INTEGRATED & amp; INNOVATION, & nbsp; INTERACTIVE & amp; MOBILE (nominations for promoting companies in social networks). Design will evaluate PRINT & amp; OUTDOOR, DESIGN, INTERACTIVE & amp; MOBILE (product nominations – sites and applications). 13 people will evaluate the work in each block. & Nbsp;

ADCR residents entrusted Chief Creative Officer Instinct Roman Firainer (Advertising) to form jury teams in each area, as well as partner and creative director of the Pike brand bureau. Ivan Velichko (Design). & Nbsp;

President of the Art Directors Club of Russia Alexander Alekseev and Chairman of the Jury Young & amp; Students enthusiastically commented on the approved lineup of chairpersons: & nbsp; “ The job of the jury chairpersons is not easy: manage a dozen high-level pros to select the top jobs for the Hamburg score. I am confident in Ivan Velichko's impeccable flair, who outlined the chess trend a few years before Netflix. I am very glad that the advertisement will be sorted out by Roma Firayner, a critic of the festival movement and the creator of the Apartment Library, which really changes life in Khrushchev for the better. We rub our hands in anticipation of heated discussions. ''

Roman Firayner, & nbsp; chief creative officer Instinct, promised a fair and unbiased assessment of the participants' work: & nbsp; “ Evaluating the work of the festival, especially in a team of the best market specialists, is quite an interesting task. Art Directors Club is essentially a get-together, and therefore it is very important not to let the jury members take the awards to their agencies, but at the same time, you cannot overdo it either, since jury members are usually authors of the really best works in this market. I will try to be above the scrum and make sure that the club makes the fairest decision. Since I am originally an art director, it will be important for me not only the accuracy, originality and social importance of the ideas presented at the competition, but also the quality of its execution. ''

Chairman of the DESIGN block Ivan Velichko, partner and creative director brand-bureau “ Pike '', spoke in detail about the tasks that he sets for himself: “ The language in which we speak about design is very different; it is not too institutionally developed, which means that new discoveries are possible inside it. This year I would like to see and discuss three important categories within this language.

Working with the form and finding a new one (or ideal, ugly, modern) in this form. The form-content dichotomy doesn't seem productive to me; often a design works only as good as it looks. In complex, non-advertising communication, visuality itself becomes the main part of the message. We are always at a loss for words to discuss the visual; we are planning to find a couple of new ones.
Poeticism is a kind of shift in the nature of things. Over the past twenty to thirty years, we have learned quite well how to make high-quality design, for which we are not ashamed. Good design is no longer a problem. Outstanding things always contain some deviation from the universal quality. It is assumed that the search for such a deviation lies in the realm of the poetic & mdash; imperfect and touching. I would like to understand & mdash; Is poetry even possible inside such a utilitarian thing as design?
Joy. It seems that in the last year we all deserve a little consolation. I like the image of two letters M & mdash; red M of the Moscow metro, which & mdash; not yet closed & mdash; takes the tired traveler home & mdash; and a yellow M, promising free toilets and hot food anywhere in the world. It would be great to see in the design not only the ability to surprise, enchant, criticize, sell, solve the client's problem & mdash; but also just to please with your presence in the space. ''

Earlier, the organizing committee of the competition reported & nbsp; about the formation of a separate jury Young & amp; Students, which will include 7 people. The curators of the leading Russian creative schools will act as experts. We remind you that in the category Young & amp; Students young participants up to 28 years old show both completed and unrealized cases.

Applications are accepted until August 31st. All details of participation on the official website:

Organizers and partners: ADCR, AKAR, TsRBK, RAMU, IAB Russia

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