ADCR Awards 2022 Jury Announced


The Russian Club of Art Directors approved the composition of the competition jury. The best works of design and advertising in Russia will be determined by more than 30 experts. The competition continues to support local agencies and authors in their quest to develop the creative market. 

ADVERTISING block: the most lively assessment from the brightest experts

The jury evaluates the works: Film &amp ; Audio, Brand Experience, Integrated & Innovation, Interactive & Mobile (nominations for the promotion of companies in social networks).

The following joined the work of the block: 

Chairman – Anton Melnikov, Chief Creative Officer emg  

Alexandra Novokhatskaya, Creative Director of Yandex Studio “7.47” 
Vasily Gubin, Creative Director of Leo Burnett Moscow
Artem Sinyavsky, ССО Marvelous Agency
< strong>Evgenia Arabkina, Executive Creative Director SERVICEPLAN
Vladimir Garev, Chief New Business Officer GRAPE
Sergey Bisenbaev, Associate Creative Director SLAVA
Sergey Kozhevnikov, Creative Director of BBDO Moscow
Nikita Ershov, Managing Partner of KB-12
Timur Abdyusheev, Creative Director of Friends Moscow
Sandra Kapchits, CEO of Havas Creative Group Russia
Arthur Miroshnichenko, Associate Creative Director Instinct 
Ivan Dergachev, Managing Partner, The Clients

The ADCR Awards are aimed at advertising and design professionals. The talent pool of the creative industry remains strong, despite the relocation of specialists over the past few months. 

“According to some reports, about 2.5 million people work in the creative industry in Russia, which is quite a lot. Personally, I don't think we've lost a significant percentage of these people. Not at all. Russian creatives have often been in the status of digital nomads for the last 6-7 years, especially in winter, while continuing to work for the domestic market. In part, we are seeing this trend again. COVID has also taught us how to work remotely without loss of efficiency, and has shown that the actual location of a person may not be an issue.  After all, we work in the field of communications, and if we can properly build communication between the team and clients, then the quality of our product will remain unchanged. If a person feels more energetic, inspired and happy in some place and this, as a result, improves the quality of his work, product, then I am only for, — notes Sandra Kapcic, CEO of Havas Creative Group Russia.  

ADCR 2022 < /p>

DESIGN block: the most accurate view of the work

Design will evaluate projects in the following areas: PRINT & OUTDOOR, DESIGN, INTERACTIVE & MOBILE (product nominations — sites and applications).

The following joined the work of the block: 

Chairman – Evgeniya Struk, creative director of Depot Branding Agency. 

Vladimir Lifanov, creative director of Suprematika
Olga Pankova, letterer and font designer BureauBukv
Vladimir Fedoseev, creative director of OTVETDESIGN, managing partner of Illan Communications
Alexandra Korolkova, art director of Paratype
Katya Daugel-Dauge, art director of ESH Gruppa
Irina Kosheleva, art director, co-founder of Tuman Studio
Konstantin Frolov, Leading Designer at Schuka Design Bureau
Alexandra Loginevskaya, Design Director at Azbuka Vkusa
Alexander Nekrasov, Art Director at Redo Bureau< br>Mila Silenina, co-founder and art director of design studio Holystick 
Artyom Matyushkin, founder and art director of Non-Objective
Svyat Vishnyakov, art director at Design Studio.


“I think that this year it is important to approach the evaluation of works delicately.

The world has turned upside down, and it becomes especially important to help, support, share experience,” — Irina Kosheleva, art director, co-founder of Tuman Studio.

Young block & STUDENTS: the most open experts for ambitious projects

According to the decision of the president of the club Alexander Alekseev, Head of Design and Advertising at HSE, this year's work will be evaluated by: 

< strong>Oleg Tumanov, Course Curator Concept & Create Wordshop Communication Academy;
Lena Dernova, Curator of MADS concepting courses;
Dmitry Alekseenko, Curator of Brand Design Higher School of Branding;
Anton Molodtsov, Strategic Director of Arena, founder of Ferma;
Yulia Stepanova, Graphic designer, curator and teacher of BHSAD programs;
< strong>Vasily Podtynnikov, Magic Camp Art Director.
Applications close on August 25th!  

Official website of the competition: 

Follow the project news: /adcr_awards 

About the competition: 

ADCR Awards — Russian professional competition in the field of creativity, design and advertising, established by the Russian Art Directors Club. The industrial status of the competition is annually confirmed by participation in professional festivals and competitions of the AKAR National Creativity Rating. 



Organizers: Russian Art Club directors with the support of AKAR, RAMU, ARIR (IAB Russia), CRBC

Media partners: 

Industrial content portal — ADPASS

General industrial partner — Sostav

General News Agency — TASS

Industrial industry partners — ABKR, AKMR

Industrial partner  — ICU 

Information Partner — OTRO «Saint-Petersburg Union of Designers»
Media partners — Komsomolskaya Pravda, MIR 24, Lifehacker, ProBusiness, InterComm.Media, Design News, PR News, Design Pub, Freelance Today, ArtMoskovia online media, First Student Agency, Generation,,, ;

Educational Partners — British Higher School of Design (BHSAD), Netology, Wordshop, mads, IKRA, Skillbox Media, Logomachina design agency, Higher School of Branding

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