ADCR sums up the results of the year


TRENDBOOK ADCR & ndash; This is the first reporting collection of the Russian Art Directors Club, which summarizes the results of the seventh competitive season from the local and international jury of Art Directors Clubs, as well as publications for 2021 prepared with the participation of ADCR residents. & nbsp;

< p> The pilot release is available online in open access on the industrial content portal ADPASS. & nbsp;

What is the main value of the trendbook? & nbsp;

Taking the experience of international festivals, the organizers of ADCR Awards decided sum up the results of the year in the format of a creative digest. For the competition and club & ndash; this is an opportunity to present the achievements of ADCR residents to the Russian creative community. & nbsp;

What is included in the content of the trendbook?

The pilot issue contains 2 content blocks: & nbsp;

Casebook ADCR 2021 (review of the gold winners of the seventh competition season. Works that have received not only industrial attention, but also world recognition at the level of the European creative community)
ART DIRECTORS CLUB RUSSIA: trends from club residents (series of publications, where Russian creators talk about how advertising, design and creativity are changing here and now).

The presented material is relevant for everyone who is actively involved in the realities of the Russian advertising market. The ADCR trendbook combines the creative expertise of the residents of the & mdash; participants in the Ad-peak rating in the following areas: creative, branding, digital.

Read the trendbook: 

The official website of the club and the ADCR competition: https: // 

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