Adobe Announces Winners of Open Your Lukomorye Digital Art Competition


“Pushkin as the first designer” and 'Fairy Tale Through the Algorithm of the Present': Adobe has summed up the results of the competition for Russian artists as part of the Open Your Lukomorye campaign and announced the names of the winners at the OFFF Moscow international design and digital art festival organized by Skillbox. The authors of the five best works about the legendary Pushkin Lukomorye, rethought in a new way, got the opportunity to exhibit them at the festival, as well as become guests of the art residence in Gridchinhall for three weeks.

In addition, celebrity representatives of contemporary art discussed at OFFF Moscow main trends in the implementation of creative projects. “ A fairy tale through the algorithm of the present helps to see even the most complex facets of tragedy in the light '', & mdash; pointed out by Ellen Sheidlin. & nbsp;

From July 7 to August 13, 2021, more than 500 young creators from all over Russia shared their vision of Lukomorye (all works can be viewed by the #open your Lukomorye tag on Instagram and Behance). The theme of the competition gave scope for self-expression and self-realization of the participants, whose work was appreciated by the global creative community. The works were presented in different formats: illustrations, photo collages and videos. & Nbsp;

“The vibrant and inspiring artworks created for the Open Your Lukomorye contest using Adobe Photoshop showed the power of imagination,” & mdash; notes Simon Morris, Adobe's chief marketing officer for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. & mdash; Adobe is proud to create tools that help artists share their work with the global creative community. ''

According to the results of the competition, the international jury of the competition selected 5 winners from the short-list formed by the expert panel. They are: Aleksey Zhigulskiy, Natasha Temezhnikova (NorthxCarolina), Andrey Matsko (Andrew Matsko), Anastasi Glavatskih and Dasha Chernykh (Dora Chernykh).

The star composition of the jury included: Ellen Sheidlin, Hector Ayuso, Sergey Gridchin, as well as representatives of Adobe, Skillbox and the Strelka Institute. & Nbsp;

On the first day of the festival, September 3, the winners of the competition were announced on the main stage.

All 20 shortlisted finalists received gifts from Adobe and competition partners. Skillbox has given free access to five of the best design courses, and Adobe has donated a one-year subscription to Creative Cloud – & mdash; a collection of applications for design, work with photo, video, sound, UI, UX, 3D, augmented reality and social networks. OFFF festival partner Arseny Vesnin, creator of, curator of the Digital Decade platform and editor on the SuperRare NFT Platform, also highlighted the works that will receive a series of publications on the Designcollector Network as an award.

On September 4, as part of the OFFF Moscow festival, a public talk took place with Arseny Vesnin, artist Antonia Lev, who took part in the creation of the mural for the campaign “ Open your Lukomorye '', and one of the winners of the & mdash; Andrey Matsko. The event was moderated by Stasya Sokolova, editor-in-chief of, author of the book How to Become the Best Gloss and Media Editor. Also on this day, an online presentation by Ellen Sheidlin, a member of the international jury of the competition, on the topic “ Survirtualism '' took place. why the internet has become a home for artists. & nbsp;

“ The world we live in now & mdash; also a world of mythologies, only others, created by advertising and PR. Bloggers & mdash; the heroes of these myths. They tell fairy tales that we believe in, beautiful, slender, interesting narratives with which we, like our ancestors once, try to measure our life. We ourselves are trying to become characters '', & mdash; noted by Anthony Lev.

“ I was glad that each artist had their own meaning: from the goblin-vegan to Kashchei, who needs to close the mortgage. It is difficult to single out one person, but I paid more attention to humor. Humor should always be present: in work, in life. Don't look at things from just one angle.

Modernization of folklore & mdash; this is definitely a bright trend, & mdash; added Arseny Vesnin. & mdash; Pushkin, as the first designer, was able to compile and present Russian folklore under such a cool marketing sauce. Before him, there were scattered works that were difficult to perceive without context. Pushkin, on the other hand, was able not only to present them simply, ingeniously and clearly, but also to lay down millions of meanings. Now young artists can plunge into these meanings, pass through themselves and also create something new on their basis. This thought is exciting! ''

About the winners of the competition

Alexey Zhigulsky, Adobe contest

Alexey Zhigulsky (Aleksey Zhigulskiy), as a child, began his career as an artist through the study of screenwriting and writing. Moving on to photography and video filming later, he discovered new possibilities in 3D visualization & mdash; create any worlds and any stories. Rethinking Lukomorye, he focused on global problems. According to him, in modern fairy tales, the main villains should not be Kashchei the Immortal and Baba Yaga, but people who harm the planet for their own benefit.

 Adobe Contest

Natasha Temezhnikova (NorthxCarolina) graduated from university with a degree in visual arts, worked as a creative designer, and then focused on design work and began to draw comics. Now he works with brands and dreams of creating a series of works for a large exhibition. She was inspired by the world of anthropomorphic animals and people and imagined that Lukomorye could be a store, Leshy & mdash; the name of the rock group, and Kashchei & mdash; wanted. & nbsp;

Adobe competition

Andrey Matsko (Andrew Matsko) has long been developing in the fields of electronic painting and digital illustration, experimenting with various drawing techniques. Andrei depicted Lukomorye on the border of sleep and wakefulness, with a tree-gate that connects opposite worlds, and with a cat & mdash; a guide to a place where miracles become reality, and even the spirit can smell.

“ In my work, I focused on the sky, wind flows & mdash; elements that I gave weight, as if they were carved from an artistic construction. I wanted the viewer to be in a space where these subtle things would become more monumental than the characters themselves. ”

Anastasia Glavatskih (Anastasi Glavatskih) came to illustration, because in childhood she loved beautiful books with pictures and was always interested in art. In Lukomorye Anastasia, the dark times are already in the past. Therefore, in the new Russian fairy tale, where no one cares where you are from, Baba Yaga and Kashchei arrange the best parties.

Adobe competition

Dasha Chernykh (Dora Chernykh) is studying illustration and graphic design on her own. She has always been attracted by graphics, small drawings and important details that give life to her work. Additionally, she does calligraphy and paints icons to feel the texture of the paper and the feel of paint between her fingers. Dasha's Lukomorye has her own special Russian spirit: a parking lot with flying objects, people who managed to buy everything for future use, an illegal annex, courtyard guys and a Princess who obviously needs to be released.

OFFF Moscow & nbsp;

< p> Festival OFFF since 2000 brings together talents, traveling to different cities and countries. This year, its participants gathered in Moscow to share bright ideas, be inspired by the work of iconic artists and designers.

The international jury of the competition included: Ellen Sheidlin, conceptual artist, participant in creative projects around the world; Hector Ayuso, OFFF founder, artist and filmmaker; Simon Morris, CEO of Marketing Europe, Middle East and Africa, Adobe; Sergey Gridchin, founder and director of the Gridchinhall gallery; Sofya Arshinova, General Producer of the Strelka Institute's public program; Sophia Elterman, Media Director and Editor-in-Chief of Strelka Mag; Sergey Popkov, one of the founders and program director of Skillbox. & Nbsp;

& nbsp; The shortlist of 20 finalists was formed by the expert panel of the competition, which included: Alexander Burenkov, art critic, independent curator, teacher of Higher schools 'Learning environment' and Moscow School of Contemporary Art; Marina Vinogradova, head of art projects at RDI Creative (Moscow), curator of the Russian program of the Viennacontemporary contemporary art fair; Alisa Gorshenina, multidisciplinary Ural artist, digital creator, participant of the Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art. & Nbsp;

& nbsp;

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