Advanced technologies of industrial design of the international forum Kazan Digital Week 2022


The capital of Tatarstan brought together the country's leading experts in industrial design. As part of the Kazan Digital Week 2022 international forum, representatives of large companies, federal ministries and universities discussed new innovative projects, as well as the competitiveness of Russian brands. The thematic round table was initiated by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science together with the Center for Project Management in Industry and the Kazan State Institute of Culture.

So, in Kazan, the largest manufacturer of heavy vehicles in Russia presented its new projects — “KAMAZ”. Among them: the autonomous mining dump truck “Jupiter-30”, the mining articulated dump truck “Hercules”, the second generation of the unique all-terrain vehicle “Arktika”. All of them are being tested today and are preparing for mass production.

Autonomous mining dump truck

Head of the design group of the enterprise Semyon Faranosovspoke about how cars are created in the company and what role design plays in this.

— Layouts and projects created in our design studio are practically one to one embodied in hardware. This suggests that the company “KAMAZ” and in general the industry listens to designers and pays special attention to industrial design, — noted Semyon Faranosov.

The fact that today the role of industrial design in the creation of new equipment is becoming more noticeable was also emphasized by the head of the industrial design competence center of Sinara-Transport Machines JSC. Evgeny Zemtsov.

Modern industrial design covers a wide range of objects, from household utensils to high-tech, science-intensive products. It solves not only the issues of aesthetics of new products, but also issues of ergonomics and materials science. The success of the product on the market and its competitiveness depend on the quality work of the designer.

— Unfortunately, most industrial enterprises perceive the designer as a person who can make something beautiful. And that is all. And at the same time, industrial design — it is the result of a huge research and creative work. It's a whole philosophy, — Gleb Wiesel, Head of the Object Design Workshop of the National Institute of Design emphasized.

Also at the forum site, the National Center for Industrial Design and Innovation 2050.LAB presented its projects. Its chief designer Alexey Sharshakov told the round table participants about how the new TEM23 shunting diesel locomotive and the concept of the interior of the Yolochka non-compartment car were created.

The new shunting locomotive TEM23

During his speech, he also shared his experience of interacting with universities and attracting the university environment to solve problems in the field of industrial design.

— We build all mock-ups at the MISIS High Complexity Engineering Center for Prototyping. Our engineers work very closely with the university. This is the right story — use the power of such centers. Thanks to the help of universities, it is possible to unload machine parks at large enterprises, which sometimes work 24 hours a day, — said Alexey Sharshakov.

Today, 76 engineering centers operate on the basis of leading universities. They are equipped with modern and advanced equipment that can be used in the field of industrial design. All centers are ready to cooperate with design studios.

— I would like to encourage participants in the real sector of the economy to work closely with universities. We have creative and strong specialists, we also have a serious material and technical base. Thanks to the emergence of such a center at the Institute of Culture, the horizons of our capabilities have expanded, including in the field of industrial design, — noted the rector of the Kazan State Institute of Culture, Roza Akhmadieva.

Today, the Engineering Center on the basis of the Kazan Institute of Culture develops and implements innovations, conducts research, design, engineering and technological work in the field of light industry. Its partners are large and small enterprises, including foreign ones. For example, together with a manufacturer from Kazakhstan, Kazan engineers are currently working on a project for tailoring tracksuits.

Also, special advanced training courses have been created in the Kazan center. More than 120 people have already received practical training at its base. They learned how to prototyping and layout using innovative visualization tools, and now they can turn an abstract model of a future device into a real product in the shortest possible time.

Training qualified personnel in the field of light industry — became a separate topic of discussion.

— There is a colossal commercial potential of brands in Russia. But we do not have normal advanced training courses, and there is no special infrastructure. And it is important to solve this problem in conjunction with universities. It is necessary to create an integrated system that will include universities, the government, and relevant ministries, — voiced the problem of shortage of personnel, the development director of the Resource Center «Fashion Hub» Valentina Rostovshchikova.

Today, as part of the roadmap for the development of engineering, the Russian Ministry of Education and Science is also systematically working to update federal state educational standards. There are also separate standards in the field of industrial design. As Aleksey Levchenko, Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy in the Sphere of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, the department is ready to work in this direction together with the professional community. Including within the framework of round tables similar to today's.

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