America’s dangerous distraction


A United States in ferment at home may fixate on China – but humanity demands detente

Nirmal GhoshUS Bureau Chief

America's dangerous distraction

The one issue that does appear to unite people across the political spectrum in the US is China. But going too far in rallying around rivalry with China is fraught with risk, says the author.

Published1 hour ago

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WASHINGTON – President-elect Joe Biden will be a crisis president from Day One – dealing with a democracy wounded and shaken, a runaway pandemic and food-bank lines in a struggling economy. All this in an atmosphere of turbocharged political and cultural tribalism.

“You don’t belong here,” an African-American woman yelled at Donald Trump supporters on Dec 12 in downtown Washington. On the same day, at the State Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia, dozens of pro-Trump white militia marched, armed to the teeth.

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