Amorepacific complex: new project by David Chipperfield Architects


David Chipperfield designed a building with open gardens on top

David Chipperfield Architects have completed work on a complex in Seoul. The office belongs to Amorepacific, the largest beauty corporation in South Korea. The company's headquarters has existed since 1956.

As conceived by a British architect, three empty volumes. Inside each is an outdoor garden with a swimming pool. From the sites, which the authors of the project called “hanging gardens”, a panoramic view of the city opens.

The building is protected from the sun with the help of brise-soleil – a system of external elements that are attached to the facade and protect the complex from heat and bright light. These elements cover the entire building except the first floor.

The total area of ​​the building is 216,000 square meters. On 30 floors, there are office spaces, a fitness room, an art museum, restaurants, a childcare center and customer spaces. The lower floor has additional exhibition and storage facilities.

Areas with a pool and trees are open to the public. The upper platforms are used as viewing platforms or patios for relaxation.

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