Amos Rex Underground Museum in Helsinki


The Amos Rex art museum will open in the Finnish capital at the end of August, with a spectacular square in front of the building and spacious underground exhibition halls

Amos Rex Underground Museum in Helsinki ( photo 0)

On August 30, one of the most innovative museums in Europe, the Amos Rex Center for Contemporary Art, will open in Helsinki. The architectural complex, designed by the local bureau JKMM Architects, will become the new home of the private museum of Amos Anderson, a philanthropist, publisher, collector and member of the Finnish Parliament.

Amos Rex Underground Museum in Helsinki (photo 2)

The basis of the new complex was the so-called “Glass Palace” – an example of architecture in the spirit of functionalism, built in 1936 in preparation for the Olympics. The sporting event at that time was postponed and took place in the capital of Finland only 16 years later.

Amos Rex Underground Museum in Helsinki (photo 4)

The urban development plan did not allow the architects to expand the space of the museum above the ground, and therefore it was decided to use the courtyard of the building – Lasipalatsinaukio Square, where the bus station used to be. Exhibition halls with an area of ​​2200 sq. meters went underground, and the building of the “Glass Palace” was reconstructed. Amos Rex can hold master classes, seminars and lectures – the art center also received its own modern cinema with 590 seats.

Amos Rex Underground Museum in Helsinki (photo 6)

On the surface there are many domes with conical projections, complemented by skylights. Here you can walk among the futuristic lunar landscape, ride a bike or skateboard. In the center of the square, the architects preserved the old chimney, which now serves as a clock tower and houses a modern ventilation system. The authors of the project hope that the square will attract residents to various activities and become a full-fledged public space of the city.

Amos Rex Underground Museum in Helsinki (photo 8)

The opening of the museum will be marked by a temporary audio-visual installation by the Japanese art collective TeamLab, which will turn the curved ceilings of the building with 10,000 sequins into a large-scale digital waterfall.


Address: Amos Rex (Lasipalatsi), Mannerheimintie 22–24, 00100 Helsinki.

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