Attic transformation – flowing loft


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The incredible transformation of the attic by the design studio UNStudio impresses with its unusual combination of art gallery and living space. Non-standard room proportions: low ceiling with large width and length of space, – hidden from view thanks to smooth curved walls.

 Attic transformation - smooth loft 1

Smooth lines, the predominance of transparent surfaces and panoramic windows, purity of color and environmental friendliness of materials have turned the disproportionate loft into a light, spacious dwelling that includes notes of literary and fine art.

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The resulting winding corridor acts as book shelves, as in a library, on the one hand, and as a kind of exhibition showcase for paintings, on the other. The ceilings are visually taller due to the use of a huge number of LED lights that fill the room with pleasant soft lighting and allow you to adjust the brightness and amount of light.

 Attic transformation - 3 smooth loft

In addition, they are made of plasterboard in combination with frosted glass, which gives them a special mystery. Replacing the windows with panoramic windows opened up an incredible view of Manhattan and visually expanded the space. White was chosen as the base color and its shades evoke a feeling of freshness and airiness.

 Attic transformation - smooth loft 4

The chandeliers are 18,000 LEDs, their arrangement allows them to act as space dividers. They also allow you to create different shades of light, from a sunny day to a warm and inviting sunset atmosphere. The general light is complemented by spotlights that highlight the art collection.

 Attic transformation - smooth loft 5  Attic transformation - smooth loft 6  Attic makeover - 7 fluid loft

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