Avito sells a mansion built by Zaha Hadid for Doronin and Naomi Campbell


On Avito you can buy not only an old chest of drawers and a used Zhigul, but also a masterpiece of modern architecture from one of the most famous architects in the world< /p>Spaceship designed by Zaha Hadid finally Spaceship by project Zaha Hadid has finally

The house-ship on Rublyovka was designed by Zaha Hadid(Zaha Hadid) for Vladislav Doronin, who was supposed to be the wedding present of the billionaire to the bride Naomi Campbell. According to rumors, the first sketches appeared back in 2006 and were drawn on a napkin of one of London's famous restaurants (the appearance of the famous Stark juicer immediately comes to mind, which he also drew on a napkin, but anyway the story is beautiful).

The project was completed after the death of Zaha Hadid, the house was completed only 12 years later by the architect Patrick Schumacher (Patrik Schumacher), head of Zaha Hadid Architects. By that time, the star couple had already managed to leave, and a year later, the mansion proudly hovering over the Rublev fences first appeared on the real estate market. Since then, they have been unsuccessfully trying to sell it – this time through Avito. Recently, luxury real estate appeared among the ads for sale with a modest caption “House 2700 m² on a plot of 75 hectares.” You can buy Zaha Hadid's masterpiece for 5 005 327 000 ₽.

Spaceship designed by Zaha Hadid finally

By the way, this is not the only house of Zaha Hadid that has been sold on Avito recently. Earlier, the Dominion Tower business center on Sharikopodshipnikovaya Street  was lit up there – the first and so far the only building built according to the project of Zaha Hadid's bureau in Moscow. You can read about all the projects of the famous architect in Russia in our special material at the link.

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