Balcony design with an area of ​​4 sq. meters


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Small spaces should not be cluttered with unnecessary detail. Self-design of a small balcony design allows you to maximize your creativity.

A young married couple on their own put into practice bold ideas for organizing their own miniature balcony. The old clapboard paneling has acquired a new bright white and blue color. The stripes under the window gave the room a touch of Provencal style. They did not begin to insulate the balcony due to the use of space only in the summer season.

Balcony design with an area of ​​4 square meter 1

After leveling the floor with gypsum-fiber sheets, a green carpet resembling a lawn was laid on it. The rustic atmosphere is complemented by a bench with cushions in the fresh colors of Provence. Decorative elements: an embroidered picture of irises in a snow-white-golden frame, a birdcage and antique turquoise lanterns, – give the room tenderness and tranquility. On such an unusual balcony you can spend evenings with your family or good friends, admiring the wonderful view from the windows.

 Balcony design with an area of ​​4 square meters

Blue French country style balcony looks very stylish and original. The implemented design proves once again that even on a miniature square you can easily organize a cozy place to relax.

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