Between heaven and earth: 7 most impressive sky bridges in the world


Complexity of construction, dizzying views and world records – we talk about the most amazing bridges on the planet, visiting which can only be compared with the feeling of free flight

Beipanjiang Bridge

The Beipanjiang Bridge stretches over the river of the same name in a picturesque valley in southwestern China. It reaches 565 meters and is officially recognized as the tallest in the world. The bridge was opened in 2016 and connected the provinces of Yunnan and Guizhou. Its construction took three years and cost the Chinese government about $ 1.2 billion. Mountainous terrain and difficult geological conditions previously made this area inaccessible to cars, but now the four-lane bridge, as part of the new highway network, has reduced some routes between the provinces in half. .

Harbor Bridge

Harbor Bridge & nbsp; is the largest bridge in Sydney and one of the largest steel arch bridges in the world. It was officially opened in March 1932 and today it is one of the main symbols of the city. Due to its unusual shape, the locals nicknamed it a “hanger” & nbsp; – its design really resembles this household item from a distance. By the way, the first plans to build a bridge in Sydney Harbor appeared in 1825, but due to the high cost and complexity of the project, the project was postponed for more than a century. They returned to development only in 1914, but construction began only in 1926. The proposal of Ralph Freeman of the British company “Dorman Long” won the competition for the creation of the project, and the Australian John Branfield was appointed chief engineer. All the calculations required for the construction took 28 volumes! Six years later, the bridge was finally completed. Its total length was 1149 meters, the arch span was 503 meters, and its total weight was 53 800 tons. Today, tourists can climb the side arch to the top of the bridge for a breathtaking panorama of the city from that point.

Sky-bridges in the Sovedenie residential complex in Moscow

“Event” & nbsp; is an example of the architecture of the future. It will become the first house in Russia with sky bridges and a sky-park at an altitude of 172 meters. It will have a real garden in the sky with jogging and walking paths, coffee and lounge areas, and an observation deck offering stunning views of Moscow. The bridge is not only an impressive architectural structure, but also an integral part of the building concept, a symbol of connection, connection, a fusion of natural forms and high-tech solutions, presented in an expressive way. Sky bridges clearly demonstrate the innovativeness of the project: only a high-tech approach is suitable for the implementation of such an ambitious architectural solution. And here it is felt in everything: from modular facades to smart high-speed elevators and intelligent security systems.

Sky Bridge Langkawi in Malaysia

Walking on the Langkawi sky bridge feels like flying. Opened in 2005, it is one of the tallest single-support bridges in the world. From a height of 700 meters above the gorge, a stunning view of the sea, jungle and mountain peaks opens up. The bridge is actually suspended over an abyss on eight ropes, which is especially noticeable on windy days when it starts to sway a little. But the fragility of the structure is just an illusion, as safety was the top priority in the construction of the bridge. The process of building the bridge was also unusual: the details of the structure were lifted upward with the help of helicopters, and only then they were fastened together. You can climb the bridge only by cable car from a neighboring village, the journey takes about 20 minutes. A 125-meter hiking trail connects the two peaks of Mount Gunung. The ability to climb up to admire the view and look into the abyss through glass windows attracts thousands of tourists every year, which was the main purpose of the bridge construction.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

Sky bridges connect not only the banks of rivers and canyons, but also the roofs of skyscrapers, as in Singapore's Marina Bay Sands hotel. Designed by architect Moshe Safdie, the hotel has become an integral part of the skyline of the dynamic city. It is also one of the most expensive hotels in the world, and its construction took a record $ 8 billion. Three 55-storey towers are connected by a single platform of the sky park, where the longest high-rise pool in the world is located. It is also called “endless”, and this is no accident & nbsp; – inside it seems that the border between the water surface and the city does not exist at all. It is not surprising that being inside and seeing the panorama of the city from the roof of skyscrapers & nbsp; is the dream of any traveler.

SkyBridge in Sochi

Another attraction bridge is located in Sochi. It is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. The 439-meter route connects the two sides of the Akhshtyr gorge and opens a view of extraordinary natural panoramas: while walking at an altitude of more than 200 meters, you can see the Caucasus Mountains and Korabelnye Rocks, the Black Sea coast and the Mzymta River. The bridge project was created jointly by Russian and New Zealand architects. The construction of the bridge lasted two years, and the previous calculations and design of the structure took another three years. But now, as the authors assure, the bridge is ready to withstand even a 9-point earthquake.

Capilano Bridge in Canada

A 140-meter long suspension bridge is located at a height of 70 meters above the gorge of the Capilano River and disappears into dense evergreen forests. Walking along it will allow you to feel surrounded by fabulous unspoiled nature, although in fact it is only 15 minutes from Vancouver. The bridge has long been at this point: located in a nature park in North Vancouver, it was originally built in 1889. Since then, the old hemp cables have been replaced with more durable modern ones, and the pedestrian part itself has been covered with cedar boards. A breathtaking view opens from the bridge at any time of the year, but it looks especially picturesque during the holidays & nbsp; – then it is decorated with illumination of thousands of glowing lights.

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