Brick + Concrete: Zambian School by Caukin Studio


Caukin Studio designed a school building in Zambia that blends concrete blocks with exposed brickwork

February 28, 2022Brick + Concrete: Zambian School by Caukin Studio

Mothers Of Africa decided to help the children of Zambia and initiated the construction of a modern school in one of the cities of the country. Soon the architectural studio Caukin Studio joined him. “For the Evergreen project, we specifically chose only those materials that are easy to obtain in this region and that reflect the people living in it,” say the designers.

Brick + Concrete: Caukin Studio School of ZambiaBrick + Concrete: Zambian School by Caukin Studio

The construction of the building is based on concrete blocks filled with bricks. Its architects deliberately left it open, because they believe that “any materials can be beautiful in their raw, original form.” And although in Zambia such techniques are usually used as a necessary measure to reduce construction and finishing costs, in this case the project turned out to be not only budgetary, but also visually spectacular. The school immediately became a local attraction, attracting children from all over the area.

Brick + Concrete: Caukin Studio Zambia SchoolBrick + Concrete: Zambian School by Caukin Studio

During construction, the designers not only supported local material producers and used local labor, but also tried to ensure that not only men, but also women took part in the work. And, as the authors of the project say, this has borne fruit: “The girls who watched the construction site saw that technical specialties were open for them in the future. Several students from the school entered a technical college after graduation. 2022/02/654fe79d6d88b50f99a791d62df24cea.jpg” width=”728″ height=”485″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-371a4ab7=”1″ alt=”Brick + Concrete: Zambian School by Caukin Studio ” />Brick + Concrete: Caukin Studio Zambian School

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