Bright playground at the Coachella music festival


This year's Coachella Music and Arts Festival surprised not only with performances by artists, but also with unusual art objects. For example, here is such a playground designed by Architensions designers 04/6ee1dcd5be98d1d1b69cbe53ca22b31f.jpg” />Colorful playground at Coachella Music Festival

Coachella  is one of the most popular music festivals in the world, which has been held in California since 1999. Every year, lovers of music and contemporary art from all over the world come here. Why arts? Because the format of the event involves not only performances by artists on stage, but also numerous art objects “in the fields”. This year, Coachella was held for the first time after the pandemic and presented 11 art objects to the audience – large-scale outdoor installations. Among them is this “Playground” designed by Architensions.

Colorful playground at Coachella Music FestivalColorful playground at Coachella Music Festival

The height of the art object reaches 17 meters, and it itself is a composition of four towers, assembled according to the principle of a children's designer from modules connected to each other. Each piece has its own unique shape and color (the designers used a palette of orange, yellow, purple and blue tones). Some of the blocks have a mirror surface, which beautifully shimmers and glares in the light of the lights during night concerts.Colorful playground at Coachella Music FestivalColorful playground at Coachella Music FestivalColorful playground at Coachella Music Festival

As the designers say, this work is based on two ideas. Firstly, they wanted to oppose something to the growth of “one-story America”, which is why a “multi-story city”, unusual for California, grew up in the middle of the desert. In addition, references to Roman architecture were important for the authors of the project. They manifest themselves not only in the form of modular arches, but also in the very configuration of the site on which the structure stands. According to Architensions, it should resemble a piazza typical of Italian cities.

A bright playground at the Coachella Music Festival

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