Bright yellow micro-house built in Barcelona


MACH designed a small house with light steel construction and full glass. Its vibrant palette is inspired by modernist architecture

A bright yellow micro-house was built in BarcelonaThe authors of the project were inspired by high-tech architecture during the design of this micro-house.

In Barcelona, ​​not far from the famous Park Güell, designed by Antonio Gaudí, a small, pretty yellow house has appeared. It was built by the MACH studio for a young man who lives and works here. It consists of three open-plan floors that can be transformed depending on the needs of the owner.

Barcelona has built a bright yellow microhouseThe top two floors of the house are made of light steel structures. jpg” width=”728″ height=”410″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-371a4ab7=”1″ alt=”Bright yellow microhouse built in Barcelona” />

“The living room and kitchen are unlikely to move to another place, but there have already been changes on the first and second floors. According to the original plan, there were supposed to be two bedrooms, but then they decided to abandon them,” say the designers. Now the owner's bedroom is downstairs, the living room and kitchen are located on the second floor, and the office space is located on the highest level  >Bright yellow micro-house built in BarcelonaInside, yellow is also used in the design of the stairs.

The facade of the house is made of light steel structures. The authors of the project thought for a long time about what color to make it and turned for inspiration to iconic modernist buildings, such as the house of the Eames couple (Charles and Ray Eames) and 22 Parkside by Richard Rogers (Richard George Rogers). The yellow color, according to the architects, was chosen as an homage to these projects. And it just looks expressive against the backdrop of a dull brick building.

Bright yellow microhouse built in BarcelonaThe owner's bedroom is located on the first floor, which is almost entirely made of concrete.A bright yellow micro-house was built in BarcelonaNow the last floor is used as a working studio.

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