Bureau BIG designs the city of the future in the USA


Utopian ideal cities continue to haunt architects. One such project is currently being handled by Bjarke Ingels. The city of the future Telos will be built from scratch in the USA and will be a place where there will be no private property

BIG is designing a city of the future in the USOne of the main architectural verticals in the city of Telos will be the Tower of Equality.

Open, fair and inclusive: three key concepts that describe the city of the future of Telos, designed by the Bjarke Ingels team at BIG for American entrepreneur Marc Lore. Telos is designed for 5 million people, and everything in this city will be built from scratch. According to the architects, it will be “a new city in America that sets the global standard for urban life, expands human potential and becomes a model for future generations.”

BIG is designing a city of the future in the US

The concept of the city of Telos came up with the American millionaire Mark Lore in response to growing inequality in the United States. His idea is based on a socio-economic model of equality, which, unlike capitalism, is based on public property. “Capitalism has significant drawbacks, especially with regard to income and wealth. Many of these shortcomings are the result of the land ownership model that America is built on… What if this land were owned by a public trust? If you would return it to the community? At first glance, it seems impossible to turn back time and start over. The land was claimed. But there is still a lot of no-man's land —what if we had a blank slate to showcase this new model?” – Mark explains his idea.

BIG is designing a city of the future in the USA

Telosa will become not only a socially more equal city, but also a place where the principles of eco-sustainability play an important role: water recycling, renewable energy sources. And residents will have equal rights to education and training, as well as access to natural areas and public spaces. The published renderings of the city show the futuristic “Tower of Equality”, equipped with a roof with solar panels, above-ground water storage and aeroponic farms in the neighborhood, which will supply residents with their products.

BIG is designing a city of the future in the US

Priority in Telos will be given to cyclists and pedestrians. Public spaces, cultural institutions and educational institutions are woven into the dense fabric of the city. Renewable irrigation sources are planned in city parks, immersed in greenery. It is expected that by 2030 the city will be completed and the first residents will move into it. www.cityoftelosa.com

BIG is designing a city of the future in the US

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