Chapel grotto in the Spanish garden


In memory of the client's daughters, Ramos Alderete designed a concrete rock chapel with a cave vault on the site

Spanish Garden Chapel GrottoMadrid-based studio Ramos Alderete has teamed up with architect Ana Isabel Santolaria to create a grotto-like concrete chapel in a private garden in Las Rozas. Under the vaults of the building, a sculpture of the Mother of God is hidden and the ashes of the customers' daughters rest. Parents lost their children shortly after birth and decided to perpetuate their memory by building a chapel in their garden, which they called “Lola's Orphanage” (La Ermita de Lola) & nbsp; – in honor of their eldest daughter.

Spanish Garden Grotto ChapelSpanish Garden Grotto Chapel

Inside the chapel is a sculpture of the Virgin Mary, created by Xavier Viver (Xavier Viver). The idea of ​​a grotto or hermit's cave for the statue of Our Lady belonged to the customers – this is a fairly common type of construction in Catholic architecture. =”/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/bfef2204f783ca355dae55cdce01f0cd.jpg” width=”728″ height=”1059″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-64ca9b5a=”1″ alt=”Chapel -grotto in the Spanish garden” />

The architects gave the chapel the shape of a grotto, an unfinished arch, which suggests associations with the image of a rock and a cave in it. They wanted the building to appear “monolithic and massive, like a big rock, and age with dignity.” Self-compacting concrete was used to create the “grotto”, which was poured on site using polystyrene formwork.Chapel Grotto in a Spanish Garden

A bright white pigment in the concrete glows in the sun, while contrasting surface finishes emphasize the play of light during the day. The outer walls are intentionally rough, with a rough textured surface, and the inner vaults are polished.

Behind the statue of the Virgin Mary, the ashes of Lola and her younger sister Gloria, who died while the chapel was being built, are stored in a niche. Above this place is a metal cross.

Spanish Garden Chapel GrottoSpanish Garden Grotto ChapelSpanish Garden Grotto Chapel

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