'Chapel of Sound': rock-shaped concert hall appears in China


OPEN has designed a concert hall that blends harmoniously into the mountain landscape

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An unusual building appeared in a mountain valley two hours from Beijing, which looks more like a rock or a stone that fell from nowhere. This is the Chapel of Sound concert hall, designed by the local bureau OPEN. As conceived by the architects, the “chapel” serves not only as a space for cultural events, but also as a kind of refuge where everyone can relax and enjoy the sounds of nature.

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Having started work on the project, the architects worked on how to minimize the area of ​​the building and competently fit it into the surrounding rocky landscape. Thus, the idea was born to create a concert hall in the shape of an inverted cone and make the facade as similar as possible to the surrounding rocks – they, together with cement, were used for construction.

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Inside the Chapel of Sound is a concert hall and seating for spectators, organized in the form of an amphitheater. There is a rooftop observation deck on the roof of the building, which offers amazing views of the surrounding nature and sights – for example, one of the abandoned parts of the Great Wall of China.

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