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Spanish design studio Supperstudio has created the creative branding and visual concept for Chef Dabiz Munoz's new kitchen space based on his own avatar.

When we talk about an avatar, we mean a certain graphic image associated with a specific user, identifying him in a social network or in an online game. An avatar can be a photograph, a drawing, an animation, or it can be 3D.

This term has appeared in virtual slang since the mid-80s in the world of computer games, and more precisely in the 4th part of the computer game Ultima (Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar). It wasn't until 1992, however, that he really gained popularity when science fiction author Neil Stevenson, in his novel Snow Crash, used it to describe a virtual simulation of the human form in virtual space, which marked the beginning of another popular concept of the “Metaverse” today. This was the starting point for Avatar, which began to grow exponentially in popularity and which has been widely used in a variety of ways over the past three decades. Today, brands see the use of avatars as a compelling business mission that has prompted them to move on to another promising challenge: creating innovative experiences for potential consumers. In this sense, the use of avatars is becoming popular in an attempt to reach a wider audience more effectively.

branding and style of extravagant chef Dabiz Muñoz

Ravioxo — is a fine dining space created by Chef Dabiz Muñoz, in which he aims to follow the “avant-garde, decontextualizing the concept and starting from the very basic”. This is what inspired Supperstudio to create branding.

For the visual of Ravioxo, Supperstudio created an outrageous chef avatar that depicts a talented chef head capable of brilliantly handling the development of any new culinary concepts. This connection between the virtual and real world aims to create innovative experiences and showcase a new dimension of flavors, textures and combinations. The choice of pink is based on the connection with the “universe”; chef and his iconic flying pigs.

Avatar and color — the two elements on which this visual identity is based. This manifests itself in various interior details of the room, such as light spots and dividers between spaces. For this project, Supperstudio collaborated extensively with illustrator Oscar Llorens. Studio Lazaro Rosa Violana has designed the interior design of a restaurant located in the most sophisticated area of ​​El Corte Inglés de Castellana in Madrid. the Spanish chef obviously does a pretty good job as Dabis Muñoz was voted the best chef in the world and placed at the top of the world's top 100 The Best Chef Awards 2021!

branding and style of extravagant chef Dabiz Munoz

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