Children's hospice by the ocean in Japan


Architect Hiroshi Nakamura has created an oceanfront place where terminally ill children can spend their last months with their parents

 Photo # 1 - Children's hospice at coast of the ocean in Japan

Bureau Hiroshi Nakamura & amp; NAP has built an unusual palliative care center for seriously ill children on the Japanese island of Okinawa. It is a circular building with five chimneys and a green roof, located on the ocean. As conceived by the authors of the project, here, surrounded by nature, little hospice patients and their families can truly get closer and spend time together.

 Photo # 2 - Oceanfront Children's Hospice in Japan Photo # 3 - Children's Hospice by the Ocean in Japan

When designing the building, the architects tried to take into account the needs of children as much as possible. Most of them spend most of the day lying down, so the authors of the project decided to make it so that in this position the children could admire the surrounding landscapes and the sky. For this, sliding glass doors are installed in the wards and skylights are provided in the ceiling, and fresh air enters the rooms through pipes. “For children, who are almost always lying, the wind carries a lot of information: the ocean breeze blowing through the pine grove, the singing of insects and birds, the scent of local flowers, the damp smell of tide and rain,” & nbsp; – say the architects.

Photo # 4 - Children's Hospice by the Ocean in Japan  Photo # 5 - Children's hospice on the ocean in Japan Photo # 6 - Children's hospice on the ocean shore in Japan

All the main areas of the house & nbsp; – four wards, a kitchen-living room and a bathroom & nbsp; – are located along the perimeter of a round building. In the center there is a hall with a pool, above which there is a hatch. Light penetrating through it is reflected in the water and leaves ripples on the ceiling, reminiscent of a quivering flame. “We call it the 'fire in the heart' to support parents during this difficult period,” & nbsp; adds the team.

Photo # 7 - Children's hospice on the ocean shore in Japan

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