Cinema “Khudozhestvenny” opens in Moscow


A large-scale reconstruction of the oldest Moscow cinema “Khudozhestvenny” has been completed. The official opening will take place on April 9, but tickets for movie shows can be purchased now

 Photo # 1 - The Khudozhestvenny cinema opens in Moscow The facade of the Khudozhestvenny cinema.

A year ago, the building of the cinema was in disrepair. The brickwork has been partially destroyed by moisture and fungus, and the historic farms have lost their load-bearing capacity. And finally, the long-awaited opening: since April 9, Khudozhestvennoye will resume regular film screenings.

 Photo # 3 - The Khudozhestvenny cinema opens in Moscow Photo # 2 - Facade of the “Artistic Electro-Theater”, 1913–2020. The restoration was carried out in accordance with the original drawings of Fyodor Shekhtel.

The appearance of the main facade was recreated according to the original drawings of Fyodor Shekhtel. The pledged window openings were opened and the historical decor was restored: the inscriptions “Entrance” and “Exit” above the front doors, a signboard “Artistic Electro-Theater”, bas-reliefs “Helios” and “Selena”, male and female mascarons.

Photo # 4 - Project of the main facade, Fyodor Shekhtel, 1912. The Shchusev Museum of Architecture.

The electronic billboard on the facade does not violate the historical appearance of the cinema. It took the same place where the famous posters of “Khudozhestvenny” were placed in the past.

 Photo # 5 - ” Khudozhestvenny “cinema, Vsevolod Tarasevich, 1961. Multimedia Art Museum Moscow.

The architectural concept of the restoration was developed by the German bureau merz merz, which has extensive experience in working with historical buildings. Among the iconic projects of the bureau & nbsp; – the restoration of the Berlin State Opera and the Old National Gallery in Berlin. The specialists of the “Faros” company worked on the project for the restoration and adaptation of the cinema. The interiors were handled by the Spanish bureau Lazaro Rosa-Violan. Strelka CA bureau formed the project vision and accompanied the design and implementation.

Photo # 6 - Wardrobe of the renovated “Khudozhestvenny” cinema. Photo # 7 - Lobby of the renovated “Khudozhestvenny” cinema.

In the foyer, the historical staircase designed by Fyodor Shekhtel was restored, as well as the partially preserved ceiling cornice and frieze.

 Photo # 8 - The main lobby of the Khudozhestvenny cinema. Photo # 9 -In “Khudozhestvenny” there will again be a fountain, conceived by Shekhtel and later lost, – its location and dimensions were reflected in the drawings, and the original base was preserved in the foyer. There are no photographs or descriptions of the fountain, but it was recreated in the same place, next to a large stained glass window in the foyer. Photo # 10 - The Khudozhestvenny cinema opens in Moscow Restaurant in the Khudozhestvenny cinema.

There are four halls in “Khudozhestvenny” – a large one for 474 seats, two small halls for 46 seats and one chamber hall for 21 spectators. All halls are equipped with a Dolby Atmos audio system and high-contrast Barco laser cinema projectors (apart from those installed in Khudozhestvenny, there are only 17 similar projectors in the world).


Big hall of the Khudozhestvenny cinema.

Photo: Lazzarin Francesco Photo # 13 - Lobby in front of the Small Hall.

The cinema will also show films from 35 mm film. The cost of tickets for regular sessions will start at 290 rubles. The cinema will be open daily from 9:00 to 03:00. & Nbsp; Every weekend there will be guided tours of the building: the audience will be told how the oldest cinema in Moscow was built, rebuilt and restored in the last 111 years. & Nbsp;

1/9 < p> Graceful cast iron lanterns recreated according to the original project of Fyodor Shekhtel. They illuminated the neoclassical façade of Khudozhestvennoye, when electric lights were on only a third of Moscow's streets.

Photo: Mark Sery

On the first day of operation, April 9, the cinema will host the Russian premiere of Florian Zeller's film Father with Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman in the lead roles. This screening will open the Oscar 2021 nominees program, which will run until April 22.

Khudozhestvenny Cinema, 14 Arbatskaya Square,, @ cinema1909

< img src = "/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/846724f7c73e524fd169d9c5189d3daa.jpg" />  Photo # 23 - Small Hall # 3.

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