Colorful village in Iran


ZAV Architects has built a colorful adobe domed village on the island of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf

Photo #1 - Colorful village in Iran

This vibrant village, designed by ZAV Architects, is located on the Iranian island of Hormuz and is designed to empower the local population. “Ormuz is primarily a historic port in the Persian Gulf south of Iran that controls oil supplies from the Middle East,” the architects explain. The island has colorful, surreal landscapes, but oddly enough, the locals of this beautiful, touristic and politically strategic island still struggle to make ends meet in illegal trade.”

Photo #2 - Colorful village in IranPhoto #3 - Colorful village in IranPhoto #4 - Colorful village in Iran

According to the bureau, architecture can be an intermediary that unites the interests of various groups, from the state and investors to people of different classes. Thus, the project brings together land owners from the neighboring port of Bandar Abbas, who organize an annual land art festival in Hormuz, investors from the capital of Tehran and local residents of the island as partners.

Photo #5 - Colorful village in IranPhoto #6 - A colorful village in Iran

The village is made up of many small domes built using the adobe technique designed by Iranian architect Nader Khalili. The simple rammed earth and sand construction method is compatible with the local craftsmen and unskilled laborers that have been trained for this project.

Photo #7 - Colorful village in IranPhoto #8 - A colorful village in Iran

Most of the houses are intended for living. Other buildings contain cafes, restaurants, and other public spaces, including prayer rooms and a visitor information center. img src=”/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/110d9d5969abcca8712b91dabb86d3bc.jpg” width=”728″ height=”485″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-0571743d=”1″ alt= “Photo #9 – Colorful village in Iran” />

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