Commercial building designed by Jean Nouvel in Shanghai


Architect Jean Nouvel's office has designed a multifunctional building with hundreds of flower pots on its facades

The studio, led by architect Jean Nouvel, has designed an indoor shopping gallery for the development company CIFI Holdings. The building is located in an area that was part of the French concession in the late 19th & nbsp; and early 20th centuries, which influenced the surrounding plane-tree-lined streets and local architecture that combined many different styles.

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The project consists of two parts that form a central gallery that connects Ma Dang and Dan Shui streets. The external facades are made in tones of gray and beige, in harmony with the surrounding urban landscape. The balconies on all floors are decorated with rows of clay planters with green plants. Meanwhile, the atrium, “cut” by bridges and walkways, is decorated in a bright red color that attracts the attention of passers-by.

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The gallery is crowned with a glass roof, and the windows are closed with louvers that can be used to adjust the light level. Blinds, pots and other details are painted in various shades of brown, amber, orange and red, which bring variety and dynamics to the facade.

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