Completed the first stage of the restoration of the Colosseum


Tod's President Diego Della Valle held a conference in Rome announcing the completion of the first phase of the Colosseum restoration

The scaffolding that covered the first five arches of the Colosseum since October 2013 has finally been dismantled and this monument – a symbol of Italian culture – appeared before tourists in all its splendor and splendor.

The work included the restoration of the northern, southern and underground parts, as well as the covered gallery of the Flavius ​​Amphitheater. In addition, the tourist service area has been moved from the inside to the outside. During the cleaning work, water was used at room temperature, without additives or solvents, sprayed without pressure. These measures allowed to wash away the dust and get rid of mud deposits.

The restoration of the Colosseum was carried out with the financial support of the Tod's group in the amount of 25 million euros.

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