Coronavirus: Photography shows the ‘honest’ side of lockdown life

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Two art students have created a project to show the “honest” side of lockdown.

Rosie Zielinski, 24 and Georgia Watkins, 23, from Bedford, met studying at the University of Northampton.

They began the Look Out, Looking Up project, to curate photos taken by anyone, from anywhere, sharing their views from a window or on a walk.

Ms Zielinski said: “Seeing other people’s perspectives that were quite mundane to them, was interesting to me.”

Pictures have been sent in via Instagram or email from all over the country, as well as further afield places such as India.

Each image is accompanied by a sentence explaining how the photographer was feeling at the time.

Gillie Masters, from Peterborough, said: “I quite enjoy the solitude at the moment, but I do miss being able to get out and going to uni.”

Ms Zielinski said it had been a very sociable idea where “a lot of people have found a new comfort in art or creativity”.

“The whole of lockdown is a shared experience all across the world – they have had this similar experience and it has tied everyone together.”

Ms Watkins said: “They don’t have to be the best images. You don’t have to be ‘a photographer’.

“The quality of the image and the way they were taken says a lot about the person and the experience in that moment.”

“There was something honest about them – it’s the raw image,” added Ms Zielinksi.

The artists said they aimed to produce a book using the images, hold an exhibition and were still accepting submissions.

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