Country style in the interior of an apartment and a country house – advice from designers, photo of interiors


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Country is, first of all, naturalness. This style of interior decoration is intended for lovers of a measured way of suburban life. Fidelity to family traditions, continuity of generations, striving for harmonious rapprochement with nature, originality are the main principles around which design canons are built.


An old Russian hut, an English cottage, a French country house or an alpine chalet residence – the choice of interior solutions in a single country style is quite diverse. And yet there are unshakable rules common to all these areas.

If the object of design becomes home ownership, a garden or flower gardens are usually laid out around the house. A summer kitchen on the veranda or an open terrace are perfect for styling a rustic way of life. Wooden frames, shutters on the windows will help emphasize the overall concept.

You can choose any materials, as long as they meet the requirements of natural origin and high environmental friendliness – wood, brick, stone, copper, aluminum, paper, cotton, chintz, straw or reed will come in handy. In this style, texture is given special importance. Wallpaper imitating fabric, stylized brickwork, wooden beams, columns or panels will bring the interior closer to the desired image. Conversely, the coldness of chrome, glass, the soullessness of plastic and synthetics are absolutely unacceptable in a rural environment.


The favorite of the style is wood, it is used everywhere. Moreover, the less processing the surface has undergone, the more stylish it looks. Doors and windows are no exception. The first ones are deaf with geometric embossing and simple dark metal fittings. Second & # 8212; strict, simple form, with a lot of divisions.

Wooden planks or parquet are placed on the floors. Combining wood with a mat, ceramic tile, or stone helps to zone the space and fit well into the style. The walls are decorated with plaster, wallpaper on a paper, textile or vinyl base, or simply painted. Depending on the functional purpose of the room, lining or wooden panels can be used for cladding. Some wall areas, for example, around the fireplace, look interesting if they are laid out with stones or bricks.


One of the most recognizable features of the country is the exposed wooden ceiling beams. This is an excellent finishing option for a large house, and in an apartment with a modest size, you can simply paint the ceiling white.


The color palette of the style has absorbed only natural shades. You don't have to make any changes to the natural color of the finishing materials at all. The colors most commonly used in country are milky, beige, sandy and light brown. Additionally, burgundy, black, gray, dark green, yellow are used to highlight accents.


If the interior decoration of the room has a neutral pastel shade, then the furnishings should be of a more saturated color in order to prevent the impersonality of the interior. The palette of natural shades of wood looks great against the background of beige or cream wallpaper. Conversely, darker walls, for example, from a log house, will go well with light furniture. In any case, a balance of neutral and saturated shades must be respected.

provans-v- interere-7 provans-v-interere-13

The furniture is wooden, massive, of simple shapes and rough finish. Most often, oak, cherry or walnut is used for its manufacture. Lacquer coating and polishing are excluded. Solid sideboards, sideboards, baskets, tables and chairs, stools, benches, open cupboards, antique or antique stylized furnishings are familiar to country music. Hand-made or custom-made items emphasize the rusticity of the style.

Furniture defects that speak of its ancient origin are accentuated, displayed, creating the necessary entourage. According to the style rules, forged elements must be present in the interior.

Coarse fleecy fabric or natural leather of dark shades is most often used as upholstery for upholstered furniture.


If you want to achieve the effect of a light, relaxing environment, use rattan wicker or thin twigs.


Country-style textiles are presented in its widest range. It is characterized by a muted, discreet multicolor with a predominance of pastel light colors. Chair covers, bedspreads, tablecloths, napkins, decorative pillows and other cute little things create a real home comfort. Elements of fabric decor necessarily overlap and combine with each other. As a rule, the fabric is chosen natural, durable, practical, such as linen or tapestry. Hand sewing or knitting, lace, braid will emphasize style identity.


The traditional country pattern is a small floral pattern. Reminiscent of flowering meadows, it creates a romantic, sentimental mood. A checkerboard or strip looks more strict, but no less stylish.

stil-kantri-v-interere-7stil-kantri- v-interere-8

Large windows help to fill the interior with light during the day, and at night & # 8212; central chandelier and several additional lamps. The chandelier, besides fulfilling its main function, also has a decorative value. It should be wide, massive, suspended from the ceiling with long reinforcement. A lamp imitating many burning candles will perfectly fit into the image of an old rustic interior.

 provans-v-interere-2  provans-v-interere-3 provans-v- interere-9

Floor lamps with soft fabric shade and fringe, table lamps, wrought-iron candelabra candles, set at eye level or below, radiating a warm, diffused light, create a soft aura of peace and comfort.

provans-v- interere-8 provans-v-interere-11 provans-v-interere-12

In country houses with a large area, accessories are quite numerous, which avoids the feeling of emptiness and incompleteness of the image. In small apartments, they are much more modest. Wicker boxes, paintings depicting rural landscapes, fresh bouquets or dried flowers, potted plants will help to express the genre peculiarity of the setting.

provans-v- interere-4 provans-v-interere-5

Below we will consider what subtleties exist in the design of country-style in the bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom rooms.

Country-style bathroom

Wooden floors in the bathroom will look more attractive, but masonry or ceramic tiles are undoubtedly more practical, as they are not afraid of moisture. High ceilings can be decorated with beams. Otherwise, coarse plaster can be dispensed with. Walls are tiled, painted or sheathed with wood paneling.

stil-kantri- v-interere-18

The color of the finish is uniform, pastel, without patterns or inserts. Many plumbing manufacturers have a retro line of products. Made with copper, brass or bronze, the taps from this collection are ideal for bathroom styling.

stil-kantri- v-interere-50  stil-kantri-v-interere-51 stil-kantri-v-interere-52stil-kantri- v-interere-53  stil-kantri-v-interere-54 stil-kantri- v-interere-55

The bath itself is often installed separately, on curly forged legs. Placed in the corners of the room closer to the floor, create soft, subdued lighting to help you relax.


Style is emphasized by such pieces of furniture as artificially aged, rough wooden cabinets and cabinets. Wicker laundry baskets keep them company. Large round or oval mirrors in wooden frames, wrought iron hooks and hangers, a water jug ​​or vase of flowers, curtains and other textiles will complement the rustic look of the room.

stil-kantri- v-interere-71

One of the original solutions to decorate a bathroom in the country style is to create an image of a pond among a mountain range. In this case, the whole room is laid out with a stone imitating granite or marble. Dry or fresh flowers in large floor vases harmoniously complement the overall picture. Such a bathroom should be flooded with sunlight, otherwise the stone interior will be depressing.

 stil-kantri-v-interere-75  stil-kantri-v-interere-76

Country style bedroom

This style is especially good for decorating a bedroom in a country house, but it is also quite acceptable for an apartment option.


Interior wood trim breathes, calms down on the subconscious level, creates incredible comfort.

stil-kantri- v-interere-37

A fireplace is very common in a country bedroom. It can be lined with brick or stone.

stil-kantri- v-interere-77

In addition to a large bed with a headboard, furniture usually includes a chest of drawers, cabinets with table lamps, and a wardrobe. The changing area is fenced off with a screen.


In an environment dominated by wood and stone, bright accents are simply necessary. The bright colors of the bedside rug, bedspread and long curtains that match each other create the desired emotional mood in the bedroom.

 stil-kantri-v-interere-29 stil-kantri- v-interere-30  stil-kantri-v-interere-31 stil-kantri-v-interere-32stil-kantri- v-interere-33  stil-kantri-v-interere-34 stil-kantri-v-interere-36stil-kantri- v-interere-38  stil-kantri-v-interere-39

The group of accessories is represented by floor vases, figurines, heavy curtains, sofa cushions.


Using tree branches or animal horns will help make the interior unforgettable and unique in interior decoration, as well as component parts of furniture.

stil-kantri- v-interere-14

Country kitchen-dining room

Kitchen and a country-style dining room is usually united by a common space. The interior is built on the principles of simplicity and homely, rural coziness.

stil-kantri- v-interere-48  stil-kantri-v-interere-47

The working area near the stove, and if there is a stove, is usually laid out with a stone. A strong impression can be achieved by completely laying out one of the walls or the base of the kitchen island with a stone.

 stil-kantri-v-interere-57  stil-kantri-v-interere-58

The headset is usually replaced by cabinets and side tables. The faucet, fittings and utensils are made of copper or brass. Home appliances are hidden behind roughly finished furniture facades.


A massive table is placed in the center of the room, chairs, benches and stools are placed around it. A wrought iron chandelier with a glass shade or fabric shade is suspended above the dining area.


Cafe curtains or curtains with ruffles are perfect for this room. The length should not go beyond the window sill. The repetition of the color of curtains on tablecloths, napkins, upholstery of chairs looks great.


Any home-made decor elements add stylish identity, for example, candlesticks carved from wood, painted or braided wine bottles, handmade baskets and napkins, a rug sewn from scraps. Handcrafted dishes made of copper, wood or ceramics, simple shapes, with small floral patterns are welcome.

 stil-kantri-v-interere-70 stil-kantri- v-interere-40  stil-kantri-v-interere-41

Cereals in glass jars, jars of pickles, jams, spices and oils in transparent containers, decorative porcelain plates are displayed on open shelves. Cast iron pans are suspended. Bunches of fresh or dried herbs and copper cookware are traditional accents of country-style cuisine. Green plants in clay or ceramic pots are placed on the windowsill.

stil-kantri-v-interere-61  stil-kantri-v-interere-43 stil-kantri- v-interere-45

Country style living room

Living room walls are usually plastered or imitating brick or masonry. One of the walls can be decorated with picturesque panels or hunting trophies.

stil-kantri- v-interere-15  stil-kantri-v-interere-19

If the living room has a TV and other equipment, it is placed so that it does not stand out from the general background. At the same time, a bright emphasis is placed on stylish elements. In the living room, it can be a fireplace or a real stove, surrounded by accompanying accessories: a poker, tongs, a basket of firewood.

 stil-kantri-v-interere-66 Country luxury is out of place. The principle of rustic simplicity must also be respected when decorating the main room in the house. Upholstery of upholstered furniture made of practical natural fabric repeats the pattern of the wallpaper on the walls. Wicker rocking chair, homespun rugs, handmade lace & # 8212; nothing flashy and defiant does not violate the integrity of the picture of a pretty and modest interior.

stil-kantri-v-interere-21stil-kantri- v-interere-23  stil-kantri-v-interere-24 stil-kantri- v-interere-25  stil-kantri-v-interere-26 stil-kantri-v-interere-28

The windows are covered with air curtains with lambrequins, ruffles and other decorations in light fabric with a floral pattern.


Immediacy is the calling card of the style. At first glance, the careless arrangement of furniture is actually thought out to the smallest detail. The center of the living room is the sofa. Large, reliable, practical, with upholstery in a discreet color and a small pattern & # 8212; one of the most recognizable attributes of country style. Several armchairs covered with bedspreads or rugs are scattered around the room.


Black and white family photos in wooden frames, boxes, porcelain figurines will create associations with childhood and home.


Country style variations

Originating in America, gradually spreading to various countries and regions, country music acquired its own flavor, adapting to the local climatic conditions, traditions and lifestyle of the population. Today there are several directions of this style.


French country & # 8212; Provence style

The most popular was the French country style trend – Provence, named after the region in the south of France. It has a delicate color that sets you in a sentimental mood.


It is characterized by blotches in the color of blue, blue, lilac or lavender, giving freshness and airiness. The pieces of furniture are elegant, painted in light colors. The wood texture is pronounced.

 stil-kantri-v-interere-72 stil-kantri- v-interere-74 Shabby chic as a kind of country style

Shabby chic can be interpreted as” time-worn luxury. ” It combines the grace and luxury of Baroque and Rococo.


To furnish the premises in this direction of design, high-quality antiques are used, perfectly preserved, but having a vintage appearance. Furniture is arranged with deliberate negligence, as if by accident.


Elements that imitate aged gold and silver, graceful candlesticks, a magnificent chandelier can become accents of a stylized interior. Curved shapes, lightness of designs, antique carving, several layers of paint, decoupage create a romantic appearance.

The interior decoration should also give the impression of old age, cracking, scuffs with the obligatory inclusion luxury items such as stucco.

The color of the style is clean and light. On wallpaper, textiles and other interior elements, exclusively floral ornaments are used.

The facades of the upper block of the kitchen set usually have glass inserts or are completely made of glass. Thus, decorative kitchen accessories are on display.

Lighting is provided by a chandelier with glass details, forged sconces or table lamps in the form of antique candlesticks.

The whole concept of aged luxury can be supported by just a few furnishings in a casual modern setting.

Russian country style

Russian country music is very rare today. It is based on the restoration of the furnishings of a log village hut. The characteristic features of the domestic version of the country are the simplicity of decoration, bleached walls, larch wooden floorboards, lace and a Russian stove.


Russian cabinets and shelves, a wardrobe, a table on skis, a triangular sideboard “Postavets”, chests and other items that look like old Russian furniture help to create the desired image in the interior. The stove is traditionally decorated with patterned ceramic tiles & # 8212; tiles. Usually the kitchen apron is laid out with the same tiles.

russkij-derevenskij-stil-v-interere-1russkij-derevenskij- stil-v-interere-7

In the interior color of the Russian country, white is most often found in combination with the texture of natural wood, and floral motifs prevail in the patterns .


The icon in the corner, flowered chintz curtains, knitted blanket evoke sweet nostalgic memories. A samovar on the dining table, earthenware plates with Gzhel painting, porcelain cups, wooden spoons, cast iron pots, pots, copper pots and teapots complete the style picture.

russkij-derevenskij- stil-v-interere-3 russkij-derevenskij-stil-v-interere-5

Alpine country & # 8212; chalet style

The chalet originates in Savoy, a southeastern province of France bordering Switzerland and Italy. It is imbued with the spirit of the Alpine mountains. Traditionally, dwellings in this area were built of stone and timber. They were reliable and durable, as they protected their households from the harsh weather.

 stil-kantri-v-interere-80 stil-kantri- v-interere-81  stil-kantri-v-interere-82 stil-kantri-v-interere-83

The interior decoration of the chalet is carried out in the canons of the country style. The wood surfaces of the floor and ceiling are given a slightly aged look. The walls are plastered and painted white, or they are also sewn up with wood.


The color palette includes mainly brown, herbal, burgundy shades. A fireplace lined with stone or oak logs, as well as several impressive landscapes, stuffed animals and weapons hung on the walls became indispensable attributes of stylization.


An example of a country-style interior

The following example of interior design will show more clearly all the advantages of country style.


The apartment of 150 square meters in the French town of Megève is decorated in a chalet style by the project of the architectural studio Refuge. Natural wood, prevalent in the decoration of the room, warms and creates a cozy impression at first glance. The natural patina of wear on the ceiling and walls immerses you in the homely atmosphere of a simple country house. This is absolutely not hindered by the openness of the interior and its filling with the fresh air of the Alpine mountains. The snow-white color of the wall opposite the windows reflects sunlight and visually enlarges the area of ​​the room.

primer-interera- v-kantri-stile-1

The color concept is based on a soft contrast between warm and cold shades: natural wood surfaces, sandy-yellow range of textile decorative elements and stone and metal palette. Single splashes of blue, green and pink enliven the interior and add a touch of romance.


The kitchen, dining room and living room are located in the common living space. It focuses primarily on the main attribute of country style & # 8212; built-in fireplace. The shelving unit adjoining on both sides attracts attention with warm interior lighting. On the open, half-empty shelves there are fireplace accessories, books and glass containers.


The living area is marked with a square rug that has a slightly worn look. It is represented by a large corner sofa located near the fireplace, three poufs and two wooden tables. The asymmetry and slight negligence of the furnishings, the texture of knitted textiles subtly emphasize the country style.


The dining area includes a rectangular metal table and some simple chairs. Green plants on the countertop, a homemade swing and a carved lamb add a touch of originality and softness to this rustic rustic interior.


Wood, metal, glass and stone, & # 8212; the kitchen is intriguing with a variety of textures and shapes, despite the modestness of the area allotted for it.


Natural calm colors, natural materials, fireplace, handmade items, angular furniture, imitation of a stuffed animal, natural light, air, general warmth of the environment & # 8212; these elements are used to build a country-style interior and create a unique atmosphere of an alpine rural house.

 primer-interera-v-kantri-stile-9 primer-interera- v-kantri-stile-8 primer-interera-v-kantri-stile-10

Country is the most soulful of all styles of interior decoration. The living breath of a tree, the warmth of a melted stove, the quiet glow of lamps under the icons inspire the interior, and the absence of luxury, arrogant pretentiousness, cold pragmatism makes it human. This style is for those who have set life priorities for themselves and decided to return to their origins in order to preserve and pass on the most important values ​​to the next generation.

Photo gallery: Country style in the interior

ftilog kantri-v-interere-1 stilogale-kreantya -interere-2  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-3 fotogalereya-stil-kant -interere-4  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-6 fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-8  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-10  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-11 fotogalereya-stil-kant -interere-12  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-13  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-14 stilogale-kreantya -interere-15  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-16  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-19 ftilogant -interere-20  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-23  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-24 stilogale-kreantya -interere-25 fotogale-koreya -interere-27 fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-28  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-29 ftilog -interere-33  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-34 fotogalereya-stil-kant -interere-35  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-37 fotogalereya-stil-kant -interere-40 fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-41  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-42 fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-44  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-47 stilogale-kreantya -interere-48 fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-49  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-50  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-55 fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-57  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-60 fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-62stilogale-kreantya -interere-63  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-65  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-68 fotriya-stilogale-kale -interere-69  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-70 fotogalereya-stil -interere-71  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-73 stilogale-kreantya -interere-74 fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-75  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-78 fotogale kantri-stil -interere-79  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-83  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-86  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-88 sotog -interere-89  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-91  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-93 stilogale-kreantya -interere-94  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-96 stilale-kreantya -interere-97  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-100  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-101  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-103  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-104 fotogalereya-stil-kant -interere-107 fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-108  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-109 fotogalereya-stil -interere-112  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-113  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-114 fotogalereya -interere-115  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-116  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-119 fotogalereya-stil -interere-122  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-123  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-124  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-125 fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-126  fotogalereya-stil-kantri-v-interere-127
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