Creative tea packaging design


Student projects are not inferior in their creativity to the works of many famous design studios. Excellent creative packaging was created by a designer student from Canada Yuling Zhang.

At the heart of the concept of her work is & mdash; panda, which is a national treasure of China, and a form of tai chi. The two pieces of packaging embody the concept of yin and yang, as well as the unity and duality of nature.

Tea packaging design

The term tai chi & mdash; is the Chinese cosmological concept of the flow of yin and yang, and the quan means fist. Etymologically Taijiquan & mdash; it is a fist system based on the dynamic relationship between polarities (Yin and Yang)

Packaging is focused on renewing the image of traditional Chinese tea products with a creative, minimalist and ecological approach. All packaging is environmentally friendly and sealed with beeswax.

The packaging concept and structure are unique. It combines Chinese culture: the national treasure of China, panda, bamboo and taiji with the packaging itself.

 Tea packaging design

Tea packaging design

Tea packaging design

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