“Design Factory” headed for the development of the Russian market of industrial design


More than 500 designers from all over the country and about 80 enterprises from 20 regions of Russia took part in the project. They developed new visual solutions for products and production spaces

The Design Factory industrial design competition provided such new opportunities. It was organized by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the City of Moscow together with the Agency for Creative Industries and the Union of Designers of Russia.

Now at the “Design Factory” about 140 tasks were presented, more than 350 team and individual applications from Moscow and other Russian cities were submitted for solving these business cases.

Design Factory

“Despite the fact that the competition was originally created as a continuation of the implementation of the city's import substitution policy (after all, an import-substituting product is not only content, but also packaging), it also has a broader meaning. “Design Factory” on a national scale creates a communication platform for business and designers, which stimulates the development of the Russian industrial design market. Designers will be able to work on promising projects from the largest industrial companies in the country. The task of the company – receive an import-substituting design solution created under the supervision of leading Russian designers. All this will help create and strengthen new business connections and give impetus to the development of the industrial design industry as a whole, – Alexey Fursin, Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the City of Moscow, commented.

According to the curator of the Design Factory, industrial designer, founder of SMIRNOV DESIGN Sergey Smirnov, Russian industrial design is in a difficult position today: business does not have a culture of ordering visual solutions.

“It is time for business to realize the importance and resource intensity of design and what it is – an important investment in success, not a cost that needs to be cut, – he believes.

Smirnov is sure that the “Design Factory” will solve this problem in practice – will become an example and a model for the work of industrialists with the creative class.

«If successful, the project can become a prototype of a design services aggregator like taxi companies that once optimized communication between taxi drivers and customers and made it the most comfortable for both sides», – commented the curator of the project, the head of the department “Artistic design of furniture” MGHPU them. S.G. Stroganova Kirill Cheburashkin.

For some, the word "design" associated with the appearance of the product, but in fact this concept is much broader. What will be the back of the chair or where to put the USB connectors at the new bus stop in the city center – designers think. Present your not only visual, but also functional solutions at the “Design Factory” can be in one of seven directions: “Environment”, “Legprom”, “Furniture”, “Devices”, “Product”, “Transport” and “Packaging”. The organizers of the competition deliberately did not indicate which companies set this or that task. This equalizes the opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses with the country's largest manufacturers that have applied for the project. In addition, anonymity ensures the purity of the choice of tasks on the part of designers: they are guided by the originality of the tasks and their own interests, and are not tempted by the opportunity to conclude a contract with a reputable customer.

At the moment, within the framework of the competition, an expert analysis of the tasks set by the business has ended. Research is carried out on products that require a new design, analysis of possible analogues. Today, the problem is not only that business has little contact with industrial design, but also that the industry itself is not fully aware of its economic potential: 

 "Industrial design needs more autonomy in bringing their ideas to market. He is ready to create products that can compete with foreign models, – considers Svyatoslav Sahakyan, curator of the Design Factory, art director of slava’saakyn.

The next stage will be the key – This is sketching. Experienced curators and project mentors will assist the design teams in this. 

Upon completion, the sketches will be evaluated by the jury, the best works will go to the final. And already at the final stage of the competition, they will be finalized to finished projects and presented to customers. According to Kirill Cheburashkin, this will be the most interesting stage, because on its basis it is possible to make a forecast about potential leaders in various sectors of the economy. Because the ergonomic modern design – a key factor in the competitiveness of a business.

“According to the results of the competition, I expect the conclusion of contracts and the implementation of those projects that will be presented in the final. And I see the revival in the industrial design market as the main result of the competition, – adds Svyatoslav Sahakyan.

Autonomous non-profit organization Creative Industries Agency (AKI) was established in 2020 by the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of the City of Moscow to support and develop creative businesses. The main tasks of AKI – formation of a positive image of the city of Moscow and its positioning as an international creative center. The agency is a one-stop shop that provides support to all representatives of creative entrepreneurship in the capital.

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