Elephant-shaped observation deck in Sri Lanka


Designer Tilina Liyanage designed an elephant-shaped observation deck made of bamboo and rattan

Designer Thilina Liyanage from Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, presented a design for a viewing platform for observing wildlife. The structure is a huge elephant surrounded by trees. The raised trunk and large ears reflect the bravery and greatness of wild animals. Climbing the stairs at the site of the elephant's tongue allows visitors to enjoy spectacular views and observe local fauna.

The elephant image was not chosen by chance. In Sri Lanka, the Ceylon elephant is found & nbsp; – one of the three generally recognized subspecies of the Asian elephant. Throughout the 19th century, & nbsp; animals were exterminated to establish coffee and tea plantations, so elephants began to disappear in mountainous areas and are now on the verge of extinction.


As planned by the author, an observation deck should be & np that do not destroy the local ecosystem. Thus, the designer seeks to show that the products of civilization can exist in harmony with nature.

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