Embankment of the Pavshinsky floodplain: project by the Bureau Basis


The task of the architects of the Bureau Basis is to design the city embankment of Krasnogorsk and at the same time a comfortable space for residents of nearby high-rise buildings left without yards

Pavshinsky floodplain embankment: Basis project

The Basis bureau team has been working on a large-scale project for six years – the improvement of the Pavshinsky floodplain embankment. The functions of the embankment are determined by the context: opposite & nbsp; – the metro, a giant trade and exhibition complex and the building of the government of the Moscow Region, nearby & nbsp; – a dense residential area without courtyards. Residents of the area use the embankment as a courtyard area, and people from the opposite bank use it as a city area. This circumstance had to be taken into account when designing, linking different interests.Embankment of the Pavshinskaya floodplain: project by the Bureau Basis

The natural relief of the floodplain is a rather inconvenient long slope with large drops. The Basis architects calculated everything with precision and turned the minuses of the territory into pluses by inscribing lines of paths into the relief and creating so-called thematic “rooms” at different levels, connected by a continuous route, with ramps in places of elevation change.

The Pavshinsky floodplain embankment: the project of the Bureau BasisPavshinskaya floodplain embankment: Basis project

As a result, the multifunctional space turned out to be organic both in terms of form and in terms of movement along the embankment. Zoning and green fences made it possible to avoid crowds and divide the visitors of the space into small groups. 

The Pavshinsky floodplain embankment: a project by the Basis bureau

Both mothers with prams, and people on scooters and bicycles can easily get from the “room” with the swing to the “room” with the sandbox and the children's excavator along the ramp, and then to the terrace with sun loungers, organized at the request of the residents of nearby houses. So, moving from one zone to another, you gradually come out to the river.

Embankment of the Pavshinskaya floodplain: a project by the Bureau Basis

The whole space is designed to feel the connection with water: it can be seen from everywhere, it is easy to get to it, everything is done here to relax nearby. If you look from the copter, you can see how the architecture follows the smooth lines of the natural terrain.

Embankment of the Pavshinsky floodplain: project by the Bureau Basis

At the request of the residents of the area, sheds from the sun, sports grounds, and maximum landscaping were made. In the morning, the embankment is occupied by athletes: those who go in for running, yoga, and street workout come out. The day is the time for children and their parents, finally they have a gaming infrastructure! Even employees of the nearby Crocus come here to sit with a laptop. In the evening, companies sit on the lawns, the amphitheater, all the sunbeds are occupied – the embankment lives around the clock and it seems that no one bothers anyone. />The embankment of the Pavshinskaya floodplain: the project of the Bureau Basis

Project authors: Bureau Basis, head Ivan Okhapkin, lead architect Tatyana Kozlova, architects Anna Filippova, Anna Geraymovich, Tatevik Mamyan, Ksenia Shcherbina, Alexandra Sinitsina, Konstantin Pastukhov

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