Exhibition complex in China made of ceramic bricks


Domani Architectural Concepts designed an unusual exhibition complex with openwork facades made of … ceramic bricks! Behind them are the glass walls of the building

Exhibition complex in China made of ceramic bricks

In the Chinese city of Guangzhou – the birthplace of Cantonese opera, lion dance and the martial art of nanquan – an unusual building of earthy tones made of terracotta bricks has appeared. It houses the TIC  Expo Center, a project commissioned by the urban development operator Times China. Industry exhibitions of developers will be held here, as well as offices and trading floors. The Chinese bureau Domani Architectural Concepts was responsible for the project of the exhibition complex and the landscape park. content/uploads/2022/04/0965f51b7f429b9053ae28cdc8eed2d2.jpg” width=”728″ height=”471″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-64ca9b5a=”1″ alt=”Ceramic exhibition complex in China brick” />The glass volume of the complex is covered with an openwork “shell” of ceramic bricks. ccfc598eb3c2f42191886b3f0aa91f18.jpg” width=”728″ height=”1092″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-64ca9b5a=”1″ alt=”Ceramic brick exhibition complex in China” />Brick Pattern creates an intricate play of light inside the building.Ceramic brick exhibition complex in ChinaThere is a landscape park attached to the exhibition center.

“We chose to use ceramic bricks to create a sense of grandeur for those who walk up to the building. Only the outer shell is made of this material, which envelops the inner glass volume and creates a spectacular play of light and shadow inside due to its rhythmic pattern,” the architects say.

The exhibition complex looks especially monumental thanks to the giant arched openings, which are the doors to the building. Calculating the load on the brick walls was not easy, so the width of the opening of the widest of the arches at 29 meters is amazing and clearly demonstrates the skill of the architects. “/>Exhibition complex in China made of ceramic bricksThe doors to the building are in large arched openings.Exhibition complex in China made of ceramic bricksOffice spaces and exhibition halls are located on the upper floors of the new expo center.

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