Fifth façade: the most impressive green roof projects


Sustainability, functionality and stunning looks – we've rounded up some of the most impressive private and green roof public buildings around the world

< h2> Flat house in Brazil

The Studio MK27 architectural bureau, led by Marcio Kogan, has built a residence near São Paulo that blends in with the environment as organically as possible. The flat house is crowned with a roof imitating a green lawn. The authors define the project as “a radical exercise in horizontality.” The roof also carries a functional load: solar panels and windows are integrated into the surface.

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Museum in a national park in the Netherlands

Architects Studio Marco Vermeulen renovated a museum in a national park in the Netherlands (Biesbosch Museum island). The old building was supplemented by a wing with a restaurant and a gallery for temporary exhibitions. A vast body of water has appeared on the adjacent territory, smoothly turning into a unique green roof of the museum, accessible for walks and recreation.

home in texas

The rectangular roof of a Texas house from Wernerfield is covered with a dense carpet of native plants: sage, yucca. “The garden helps to disguise the structure against the background of the surrounding nature,” the authors of the project say. On the rooftop you can do a variety of physical activities or immerse yourself in gardening.

Art School in Singapore

Project author: CPG Consultants.

The five-story School of Art, Design and Media on the Nanyang Technological University Singapore campus is located in a wooded valley. The building perfectly complements the surrounding natural landscape. The planes of the unique roof intersect with the contour of the earth and seem to go out of it. It is not only a spectacular visual device, but also a functional public space. Also, the roof landscape helps to lower the roof temperature.

Museum of Prehistoric Denmark

The extension project for the Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus was carried out by Henning Larsen Architects. The building completely merges with the surrounding landscape – a large-scale sloping roof seems to rise from the ground. The architectural concept is due to the museum's exposition – items from numerous excavations, literally mined “out of the ground”. It houses a nearly 2,300-year-old mummy of a man from Grauballe, a collection of ancient weapons and runestones. A rearing tectonic plate or a green hill cut off by an ancient giant – the space is loved by tourists and locals alike. It hosts picnics in the summer, and in the winter the whole family goes downhill.

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Angular house in Belgium

In the Belgian village of Maldegem, you can find the original wedge-shaped house from Oyo Architects. The compact ecological building Pibo is designed with an inverted layout: the bedrooms are on the lowest level, and the kitchen, dining room and living room are located on top. The roof slope is planted with various flowering plants, so every month the house looks a little different, depending on the season. Despite the fact that the living quarters are actually underground, there is a lot of natural sunlight inside thanks to the thoughtful arrangement of the windows.

novartis campus in China

The new Novartis campus in Shanghai was designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. The building serves as a space exclusively for the recreation of staff and guests, a place for socialization – there is a spacious cafe here. The compact structure is topped with a multifaceted origami-inspired green roof.

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Villa” Upsilon “in Greece

In an olive grove in the south of the Peloponnese, there is a summer residence with a Y-shaped roof upsilon. The architectural structure is a continuation of the landscape and forms three small adjacent courtyards, where residents can hide in the shade from the scorching Greek sun throughout the day. “The height of the house is limited by the tops of the surrounding trees for better integration,” say the authors of the project from the LASSA bureau.

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In summary, the commitment to sustainability & nbsp; is a very important and useful trend in modern architecture. Thanks to landscaping, the roof becomes a full-fledged fifth facade of the building. In the additional usable space, residents of houses and visitors to museums arrange picnics and engage in physical activities. And, what can we hide, such projects look very impressive! Check out our gallery for even more amazing buildings around the world.

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But the architects don't want to stop there. They plan to green skyscrapers, shopping centers, offices, create parks with eco-friendly roofs! The projects seem to have left the pages of science fiction books – they are so amazing. Forward to a green future!

How to choose the right roofing material (including setting up a garden on your own roof), read a separate article at the link.

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