Finalists for the Archiwood Prize 2022


Archiwood 2022 finalists were awarded prizes at Trinity Park on September 16. Congratulations to the winners!

Archiwood is not only an award, but also a structure that brings together professionals in the design and construction of wooden country houses. Therefore, the day began with a festival dedicated to the development of suburban areas, and ended with the solemn ceremony of awarding the Archiwood 2022 awards. This year, the opinions of the jury members regarding the winner in the Public Building nomination were divided, so it was decided to award the first prize to two projects at once.

Archiwood 2022 award finalistsVeretyevo Park. Project by Alexander Brodsky.

Winners of the ARCHIWOOD 2022 award

Grand Prix

Veretyevo Park/Alexander Brodsky, Nikita Astapov, Ilya Pigarev, Irina Galkina uploads/2022/09/47ead38dbe3a170ca2aa1b0cf3f43adf.jpg” width=”728″ height=”473″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-64ca9b5a=”1″ alt=”Archiwood 2022 Finalists” />Park Veretyevo

Special Jury Prize

Trojan Horse/Veshch! Architectural Bureau, Nash Dvor Company

Archwood 2022 Finalists

Product Design

Chest of drawers/Svetlana Popova-Znamenskaya and Dmitry SmirnovFinalists of the Archiwood Prize 2022


The Varvara Church of 1656 in the village of Tipinitsy/A.N. Volkov, ARC “Zaonezhie”, LLC “Anfilada”Finalists of the Archwood Award 2022Barbarian Church


Tanuki Restaurant/Archpoint Bureau

Archwood 2022 FinalistsTanuki Restaurant”, designed by Archpoint.

Finishing wood

KUB House/Andrey Tsarakaev

Archwood 2022 Finalists

Environment Design

Moss Mountains/Stanislav Gorshunov, Maria Yudina, Elizaveta Budko

Archwood 2022 FinalistsMoss Mountains

Art Object

Mausoleum of Dreams/Totan Kuzembaev

Archwood Award Finalists 2022Dream Mausoleum

Public Building

1. Hospitality Center/Bureau Megabudka ” width=”728″ height=”485″ class=”lazy-image__image _align-center” data-v-64ca9b5a=”1″ alt=”Archwood 2022 Finalists” />Hospitality Center

Public building

2. Hotel “Point on the Map. Lodeynoye Pole”/RHIZOME Bureau

Archiwood 2022 Award FinalistsPoint on the Map Hotel. Lodeinoye Pole»

Small object

Hermit's house/Anvar Garipov

Archwood 2022 FinalistsHermit's House

Country House

< p>Swidom new model/Alexander Poroshkin and Taisiya Karpova

Finalists of the Archiwood 2022 AwardSWIDOM new model

In addition to the decision of the jury, which includes professionals, Archiwood also takes into account the voice of the people, which does not always sound in unison with the opinion of the jury. This year, based on the results of public voting, the following list of finalists was formed (by nominations):

  • Country House — DOM by Demidkovo/Kirill Kuzyaev;

  • Small object — Thermae 2.0/Dmitry Mikheykin;

  • Public building — Exhibition pavilion of the Gulag History Museum/The Day After Tomorrow Bureau

  • Art object — Cloud/Natalia Sorokina, Elena Tupikova , Vladimir Grishin

  • Environment Design — Moss Mountains/Stanislav Gorshunov, Maria Yudina, Elizaveta Budko

  • Finished wood – outdoor enclosures “House of Birds”/Anastasia Izmakova and Fedor Naumov

  • Interior – exposition of the exhibition “Perm Gods”/Bureau Link Bureau

  • Restoration — interiors of the wing of Druzhinin's house/BusinessConsult LLC, Vologda Restorers LLC

  • Product design – Bolai chair and Shulay sofa/Petr Safiullin

Finalists of the Archiwood Prize 2022Exhibition “Perm Gods”< ul class="related-entities-list__list" data-v-ec838c5e>

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