Finnish comfort: Lumi Polar log houses


The Finnish company Lumi Polar knows: the climate and landscape of Suomi are similar to those in Russia. Therefore, life in technologically advanced log houses will be comfortable

There is a real cult of wooden houses in Finland. Here, the opportunity to live in an environmentally friendly home made from natural materials is highly valued and they strive to emphasize this, leaving the wooden walls in their original form. A huge amount of work is behind the seeming simplicity of finishing: the selection of raw materials, sawing and gluing of timber and the technical know-how that makes it possible to bring wood processing to the level of art. The beauty of & nbsp; is in the texture and uniformity of the timber.

To achieve the effect of solidity, Lumi Polar uses One Line beam joining (in one line at the corners), Modern Corner without protruding rims on the seams, Soft Angle for beams and columns. Thanks to the revolutionary construction technology, log houses do not shrink, and perfectly flat factory cuts eliminate the need to install strip strips and moldings. The result & nbsp; – a delightfully smooth finish, which is called “silk”: the bar goes through an additional stage of grinding on a high-precision line. Such walls do not need painting or protective coating & nbsp; – the texture and natural color of the timber is organically combined with any interior style.

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