For Tbilisi, UNStudio was inspired by the fortress in the village


On the outskirts of Tbilisi, construction began on the headquarters of the bank TBC according to the project of the Dutch bureau UNStudio . As a prototype, the architects used the complex of buildings in the high-mountainous village of Shatili in Khevsureti.

The most conservative and closed type of office space is also changing and becoming more transparent. Therefore, the headquarters of TBC is decided as a multifunctional hub, which should be the first step in the development of a promising area on the western border of the capital, next to the small lake Lisi.

Having pushed off from the multi-level composition of the harsh defensive towers of the mountain village, the architects created a complex of unevenly high volumes on the hillside, grouped around the central plaza. But the image is open and welcoming: instead of massive stone, glass facades are provided, on which protective shutters imitate the pattern of masonry, and the characteristic balconies and ledges have turned into spectacular corner cutouts.

“Program” of the complex, the total area of ​​which is slightly less than 37 thousand square meters. m, composed of three main parts. The highest block will be occupied by the actual office of TBC bank, its subsidiaries will be located in the neighboring one, slightly lower. In addition, there is a separate Innovation Center and a cultural cluster with galleries, restaurants, coworking spaces and a kindergarten. This interaction of people of various interests is very important from the point of view of architects, as it always turns out to be fruitful.

But active socialization is also supported in the internal structure of the future office. The workspace itself was also divided into cluster departments, each of which has its own two- or three-level semi-public space. Their sequence determines the interaction of people already inside the entire building.

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